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Hi there, I’m Kate, an avid reader with bookshelves threatening to topple down. While everyone was building sandcastles, I was the kid sitting on the couch with my nose in the book. I review Young Adult books and love to promote them. Majority of my books are from the library or bought only a small percentage are ARCs.

Besides reading books, I enjoy watching movies, web designing, doing other boring activities and just spending hours surfing the internet and Twittering. Thanks for visiting Read This Book!

I am Team Edward Sam all the way.

If you need to contact me, my email is [email temporarily removed as I am on hiatus]. Looking for link exchange, email me. If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review your book, I would be willing to. Just send me a email. I would prefer if the book was Young Adult.

I will review the book regardless whether I liked it, loved it or hated it. I believe in honesty so I give honest reviews. I do not to sugarcoat my reviews.

When I request for an ARC, I will try my best to review it 3-4 weeks before it’s released. Or I might post the review earlier if I really really love the book.

Hope you enjoy reading my reviews! I love getting comments and I reply to comments often.