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Mockingjay: the verdict

Be warned that this post contains LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS. This is a long overdue post but I think by now all Hunger Games fans would have read Mockingjay.

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First, Collins really impressed me with this stunning conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy. I guess because of the several spoilers I read before reading Hunger Games, I spoiled the book for myself. In fact, while reading the first novel, I was so eager to get to the ending, I did not take the time to savor every page and devour every word. Upon rereading Hunger Games, I loved it even more than the first time as this time, I slowly read it, understanding everything that was going on and not just speed reading. Catching Fire was even better and oh boy, I am not ashamed to admit that I changed teams from Team Gale to Team Peeta in the second novel.

Now thoughts on Mockingjay:

Fantastic character development, especially Peeta. In this novel he was being portrayed totally different light. The charming sweet Peeta we know was replaced by a Peeta who hated Katniss! It was a major shocker for me and I did not see it coming. It made Peeta a more complex character and I thought by the end of the book, he had experienced lots of character growth. Well done Suzanne Collins.

Katniss was the same Katniss like all the other books. Strong, determined but she also has a soft spot. Although during the first third of the book Katniss was boring, she started doing things after she became the Mockingjay. I thought she had an authentic voice and every time she was around Peeta, her love (that she doesn’t seem to realise) was genuine.

Onto the deaths. I was devastated when Prim and Finnick died! Oh my gosh I actually loved these characters so much; it was really heartbreaking. If I wasn’t at a public place when I read Mockingjay, I think I would have shouted “SUZANNE COLLINS HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!” and proceed to shake my fists and cry and cry and cry.

One thing I don’t understand is why everyone was angry about the epilogue. Someone commented on another blog that ‘they [Collins, or maybe the editor] feel like the characters deserve a peaceful life after all the trauma’. Would YOU rather Katniss go through more pain? Is that how you want the book to end? Or what? An abrupt ending with no proper resolution?

Katniss chose Peeta because after everything they’ve been through, she found that she could not live without him. Moreover, call me lame or whatever but Peeta liked Katniss for years. Even if it was a secret crush. Gale on the other hand only discovered he had feelings for her that day in Hob. In Mockingjay, all the interactions with Gale frustrated me. Gale would keep secrets from Katniss (the part about Peeta) and he was supposed to be her best friend. Gale only wanted revenge. It was obvious that he had strong hatred for the Capitol while Katniss still had some sympathy left (when she rushed to the man outside the Nut).

Next, it was clear from the beginning that Collins would chose Peeta over Gale. Like how Bella picked Edward instead of Jacob. I don’t really think I need to explain why.

Now, in the beginning of Mockingjay, Katniss thought “Peeta was taken prisoner, He is thought to be dead. Most likely he is dead. It is probably best if he is dead…” It shows that Katniss still cared about him even though she’s trying to convince herself she doesn’t.

Does anyone have any theory as to why Katniss agreed to have another Hunger Games for Prim? I was shell shocked when she agreed to it. My reaction was “WTF.” But Haymitch says “I’m with the Mockingjay” which means he thinks that she has a plan and he agrees to her plan and not having a last Hunger Games.

I had a hunch that Katniss would kill Coin and I was right. I am glad that she’s gone now because I hated her every since she sent Peeta to join the group. I’m sure everyone feels the way too, Coin is just as bad as Snow.

All right, I shall end my long lengthy post which probably does not make sense in some parts and leave everyone with a quote.

“You love me. Real or not real?”
“Real.” ♥

And for those of you experiencing Mockingjay withdrawl symptoms, you can check out my post for recommendations of dystopian books for those who loved the Hunger Games.


Comments on: "Mockingjay: the verdict" (2)

  1. acasualreader said:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS REVIEW! I haven’t had a chance to do my review yet but this was great. I always felt like Coin had a different motive and I didn’t trust her from the start.
    I too loved the ending my only wish were is Collins would have told something about where Gale and Haymitch ended up in the epilogue.

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