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Today we’ll be talking about Carrie Ryan’s upcoming novel, The Dark and Hollow Places. Or more specifically, the covers!

US cover

UK cover

Synopsis: Warning do not read this unless you’ve read Ryan’s earlier works.
Annah knows she has a twin sister, but she forgot her long ago. Back when they went to play in the Forest of Hands and Teeth, she and Elias lost her, and after that there was no going back to the village.
Life’s been hard, but Elias has taken care of her, and living in the Dark City can help one to forget the horror of the Unconsecrated—if you try hard enough.
But when Elias disappears, Annah’s world crumbles. To her, life isn’t worth much more than the walking dead who roam the wasted world she lives in. It’s not until she meets Catcher that she cares to start living again.
Yet Catcher has secrets. Dark, terrifying secrets that link him to a past she’s longed to forget and to a future too deadly to consider.
Annah must decide: Can she continue to live a world covered in the blood of the living?
Or is death the answer to all her problems?

Which cover do I prefer? For me, it’s an easy decision. I am positively in love with the UK cover. It’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME. Barbed wires are certainly uncommon on YA covers (except for Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma which uses the same image).

By the way, this is just a random entry to fill in the gap for my absence on the blog lately. Don’t forget I have giveaways for a $70 giftcard which ends on August 10 and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater which ends on August 15.


Comments on: "The Dark and Hollow Places covers" (14)

  1. I like them both! Can’t decide…

  2. I totally agree. I mean the US cover is attractive and shows the longing represented by the woman and no doubt the character within but the barbed wire heart gives the impression that love hurts and it links to the fact that life is hard too. Her heart was like barbed wire maybe… I’m just getting this from the synopsis.
    I do like both but it really is the UK cover that works for me. 😀

    • are you a guy?no offence or eneything don’t kill me alright just answer back nicely don’t cuss me out or eney thig like that…

  3. US for me! I prefer all of them to the UK covers. I’ll be posting about this one soon too 🙂

    • hey jenney I like the uk cover too I think its asome. I even downloaded a bunch fo imiges of the book cover on to my nookcolor.

  4. I’ve always preferred the US covers, which is strange because I usually much prefer covers without people on them!

  5. UK cover, hands down. Is this the third book in the Forest of Hands and Teeth story?

  6. Take the H off and you have my name. How awesome is that? Can’t wait for the new book. Need to read the second one first. I WANT THE UK COVER! Instead of the Us cover

  7. the us covers are a bit weird compared to our uk ones you’d think she’d have the better covers for her own country. i love the red fan kind of thing on the forest of hands and teeth uk cover

  8. I loved this series so much! !!! my bff amber told me to read them because thay were so friken asome!!!!!!

  9. Hey pepies in this book club text me bake tomrow I. Hope you guy’s do. You all seem fun!

  10. I liked the US cover until I read the book! Barbed wire is a big deal for Annah and I like that the UK cover captures that.

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