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After three days of writing names on pieces of paper, we finally have a winner!

Congrats to Maggie of http://www.juniper-breeze.blogspot.com! I emailed you! 🙂

Update: Whoops forgot to draw a second winner. Random.org has drawn…. Kim P! Congrats Kim, emailing you now!

P.S. Sorry for the delay, lately I’ve been heading straight for my bed the moment I get home. 😛


Comments on: "The Tension of Opposites winner" (4)

  1. Congratulations, Maggie! I really want to read this book!
    I’ve heard so many great things about it.
    I’ll probably just go out and buy it. 😛

    Wow, you actually wrote everyones names on paper? Dedicated!

  2. Congrats to Maggie –
    Sometimes we get tired spells Kate. Take care.

  3. Wait. I WON!?


    I never win anything! Thank you so much!! I’m so excited 😀

    Also, I’m sorry for you sleepiness. I totally understand it though. It sucks. 😦

  4. Congrats to Maggie! Hope you enjoy the book!

    P.S. Who was the second winner of the tension of opposites. There were going to be 2 winners. Thanks!

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