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Hi Sienna, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you! To tell you the truth, I am very curious, why does Spider call you ‘Sea’?
Oh, because that was my nickname when I was a kid. I guess because I liked the ocean so much.

Could you share with us about what life was like before your mom’s airplane disappeared? What were some of the activities you did together with her?
She was just awesome. We did the usual stuff, hung out. It wasn’t so much what we did together, but more like how we were together. Does that make sense? She just got me.

Since going to Indonesia, how has it changed your life?
Oh, man. You’ll have to read the story. I can’t spoil you like that.

Oops! 😛 Looks like you, dear reader, will have to buy Sea to find out! 😉 As you can see on the image on the right, the coconut drink is one of the exotic food (in this case, drink) Sienna tries while in Indonesia.

The Indonesian culture is very different compared to the American culture. Which ascept do you find the most fascinating?
How it is so different. How the kids were so unified, and treated each other like family even though they weren’t always related by blood. They have such a strong sense of faith too, and coming from a pretty non-religious family that was really neat and curious. How much they trusted in something they couldn’t see, but could feel. You know?

I completely understand.

Deni has been a great companion since you came arrived in Indonesia, what was your first impression of him?
His intensity. The hurt behind his eyes. I just wanted to stare at him, to be near him every second. It was magnetic right from the first moment I saw him.

What are two tourist attractions I should visit if I ever get the chance to travel to Indonesia?
Borobudur is really the only one I saw. I hear the beaches in Bali are awesome but I’ve never been there.

Wow, look at the time! It’s getting late and you have to get back to the children. Thanks for stopping by Sienna! Have a nice day!
You’re welcome. Thanks for having me!

Tomorrow Heidi will be guest blogging and the day after a huge giveaway for Sea and Sea tank top!


Comments on: "Interview with Sienna ‘Sea’ Jones" (2)

  1. Rebecca Booth said:

    My mother loved to call me HONEYBEE when I was little. The endearment always made me smile. Alas, she passed away when I was eighteen years old. She was sick for fourteen of those years, but she always tried to spend time with me. I treasure those years. I loved MOM.

  2. Indonesian culture sounds really interesting. I don’t know a lot about it, but I’m dying to learn!

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