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Book covers: before and after

Books undergo many cover changes before they come to the final cover. The final cover that will be seen by YOU, dear readers, in the bookstores. I will be talking about two books today, both of their cover underwent changes before the final covers were released.

The first book is One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt.

Personally, I loved the first cover. The lights and everything were beautiful. But it looked a little sad to me which contradicted the synopsis. It’s supposed to be a ‘hilarious and sweet teen novel’. Barnholdt said on Twitter that the new cover fits the book more so of course they want what’s best for the book.

The second book is Confessions Of The Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford.

The first cover was pretty but it’s too plain and is not likely to catch my eye at the bookstore. The second and final cover is very Pretty Little Liars-ish and I think will definitely appeal to fans of PPL.

So what are your thoughts on both books’ covers?