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Interview with Desi from Princess For Hire!

Hi Desi! Could you describe yourself in three words?
Uh… hard-working (that still counts as one word, right?), nice and… geeky. Good geeky, though. Is there a word for good geeky?

Could you share with us about your life in Idaho before you became a substitute princess?
My life in Idaho could have been like any girl’s life anywhere. I had some rough stuff happen with friends, I had some insecurities, but also a good family and other things that made me happy. Sometimes, I blamed my misfortunes on where I lived, but I see now that every girl has drama to overcome.

Of all the princess jobs you have done, which one was your favorite?
Elsa. For anyone who knows about that job, I think it’s obvious why I liked this one best.

OOH… yeah. 😉 You guys will have the book to find out why! Elsa lives in the eastern Alps and when Desi first arrived that, she wanted to do this…

Yup! The scene from The Sound of Music!

…And which job was your least favorite?
Princess Catter. Prosthetic makeup HURTS, you guys.

What was your first impression of Meredith?
Well, being as she popped out of bubble, my first impression was that she was a hallucination. Then she started talking and… okay, I like her fine now so it’s okay to say this… but I kind of thought she was rude. And snobbish. And bossy. And sassy. And… I better stop there.

You are a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. If you were given the opportunity to meet Audrey, what would you say to her?
Say? SAY? Nothing. I would be IN SHOCK. And not because she’s dead and all. Audrey Hepburn was Hollywood royalty! She was a great actress, but also a really great person who left this world better. What do you say to someone like that?

I will probably just stand there with my mouth open, awed.

If you could meet one princess, living or dead, who would it be and why?
There is a quote that may or may not have been said by Princess Diana. “Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” She had, like the craziest wedding day ever, and I wonder if she thought it was all rainbows and sunshine when she got hitched. When did she start to become disenchanted with the royal lifestyle? Would she still want to be a princess? I’d like to meet her, maybe for tea, and ask her all of that. I think subs could learn a lot from her trials.

Ah! One of the most famous princesses. I would love to meet her too!

Thanks for stopping by Desi! I won’t hold you up from your princess duties any longer. Have a nice day!
Thanks! I’m actually back home right now, so no princess duties. Just designing some new T-shirts. Maybe I’ll make an I ❤ YA Round Up one!

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