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I have some exciting news for Melissa Marr fans! The original sequel to INK EXCHANGE can be found in a eBook format for free on the HarperTeen website. It is legitimate, you won’t break any laws by downloading the eBook on the HarperTeen website!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the HarperTeen website now!

Friendly reminder, only a few hours left to enter to win RADIANT SHADOWS! I currently only have 117 email subscribers which means there might not be a second winner because I don’t have 150 subscribers. 😦

So tweet about it to get more people subscribing via email!


Comments on: "Stopping Time by Melissa Marr available for download at HT!" (8)

  1. Couldn’t find “Stopping Time” for free anywhere…am in Australia….could you please point me to the correct link (Harper Teen says it costs), amazon says not available in Australia….



  3. Is there anyway to buy “Stopping Time” as a actual book that we can hold? I want to be able to take it with me when I go somewhere! And even if I had a cell with internet or something of the sort I couldn’t bring it to school because it’s against the rule to bring any electronic devices other than cameras. 😦

  4. I tried to order it from harper teen, but there is no purchase option. Does anyone know where I can by these books? I really want to read them, but can’t find anywhere to get it. I don’t care if it is e-book or not just want to read it.

  5. Also if anyone has any comments on her other books besides the Fragile Eternity set I would love to hear them. I haven’t read any of her other books yet. Thanks

  6. omg!!! i can’t find them anywhere!! 😥 i want to read the books sooo bad but i can’t seem to find it! and amazon says the pricing info isn’t available!! so anyone plz help!! i’m in desperate need of reading them!!

  7. http://melissa-writing.livejournal.com/398459.html

    Haven’t checked it out myself yet but maybe it works??

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