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Although the two week blogoversary celebration is over, the fun is not over yet! I invited the lovely Rebecca whose the co-founder of Fallenarchangel.com to share with us how the fansite came about!

If you want to win a hardcover copy of Hush Hush with a signed bookplate, head over here and enter! Over 10 books to be won, a handmade bag and did I mention, tons of swag?! Giant blogoversary giveaway opened worldwide with three different prize packs to chose from!

Oh and that giant stack of Hush Hush? I took that picture at my local bookstore. Me, as in Kate.

A big thank you to Kate for inviting us to do this guest blog…we never grow tired of talking HUSH, HUSH!

Before I dive in I should introduce myself. I’m Rebecca *waves enthusiastically* and my sister Jenn and I run the official fansite for Becca Fitzpatrick’s HUSH, HUSH. If you haven’t stopped by to check it out yet come see us at www.Fallenarchangel.com.

Near the end of July I received an advanced reader copy of HUSH, HUSH. To this day I’m not really sure how I came to be so lucky, but it arrived while my sister, Jenn, was babysitting my son. She called me to tell me I had an envelope from Simon & Schuster, of course we both squealed at the idea that it might contain HUSH, HUSH. (we’d totally been lusting over the cover art and sample we read online) Since she’d been helping me by reading my own YA story and creating my website, I told Jenn she could open it and be the first to read it if it was in fact HUSH, HUSH.

Guess what she found in there? Why, a sexy fallen angel, of course.

The next morning (yes, she read it that fast) Jenn called to tell me how incredible the book was and that I had to stop whatever I was doing and read it. A day and half later I fell in love with Patch and Nora too. That’s when I made a small suggestion that would change everything. It went something like this:

Me: So, I have an idea…

Jenn: Oh yeah? What’s that?

Me: You know how we both loved HUSH, HUSH? What do you think about starting a fan site for it?

Jenn: Like an actual website?

Me: Yes. You know how we’ve talked about fan sites we’ve seen for other books and how there’s stuff we like and don’t like, well, I think we make something awesome because this book is going to be huge.

Somewhere in that conversation I managed to convince her to say yes. I say convince not because she wasn’t up for the idea but because Jenn is the techie. I have no clue how to create or update a website. So starting a fan site meant a lot more work for her then it did me. Over a thousand forum members and 64,000 hits later, Jenn is definitely the one working her tail off to maintain the site. But I can safely speak for both of us when I say discovering HUSH, HUSH, starting Fallenarchangel.com, getting to know Becca and our all our new HH friends, and creating a place where all her fans can come together has been one of the most rewarding and awesome experiences of our lives. And we’ve only just begun!

Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! Now let’s take a moment to admire this pretty sight.


Comments on: "Rebecca, co-founder of FallenArchangel.com guest blogs!" (6)

  1. I want to go to there. shiny books!

  2. Rebecca Sutton said:

    Love the giant stack of books! Curious, what version is that? Paperback? So shiny and pretty. Becca sent us one like that and I love it!

    Jenn (my sister and co-founder/admin) just left this morning for a business trip so a BIG thanks from both of us for helping us spread the word on HUSH, HUSH and our site, Fallenarchangel.com. We hope everyone will come check it out and join the fun. Thanks again, Kate!

  3. I saw some of those this weekend at my English bookshop in Germany. We mainly get UK imports.

  4. When I saw you had your own blog,I immediately signed up.I am cozyfallen on fallenarchangel.com,I am following you on twitter and did retweet of course.I am VtCozy on twitter.i read Hush,Hush as part of BN FirstLook.Meeting Becca online,being art of Hush,Hush has literally changed my usual Book Genre.I am a Mom,have a 24 year old daughter,who is also Hush,Hush obsessed.Have given a few copies as gifts and,we now have own Hsh,Hush small Club.I won a Poster,which my Daughter Has Framed Its Beautiful…I entered the contest,and would love to win,but if not,’Crescendo” Oct2011…We still have the Hush,Hush Board up on Barnesandnoble.com..Still posting….Thanks for this amazing opportunity..I also follow Becca on twitter,send her a hi now and then..I live in VT BTW…A Beautiful Blog Good Luck…Susan . Looking for Hush,Hush Jewelry..Will have a look here if any is available…

  5. Thanks so much Kate for having FallenArchangel as your “Guest Blogger” we really appreciate it!!!

    And thanks Rebecca for an awesome post!

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