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Ain’t I a tease? Saving the best for the last! Without further ado, let’s welcome Sarah Rees Brennan! Author of The Demon’s Lexicon which I thought was fantastic and is also on my Best Books of 2009 list!

*drum roll*

It is important to first add a caveat: there are books I’d like to see as movies. But it is vital that they be good movies.

I dearly love the Dark Is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. It was made into a movie called The Dark Is Rising: the Seeker (Why the Seeker? Nobody knows!). Because they thought having the hero be English was too like Harry Potter (the Seeker, fine, but ENGLISH, a step too far!) they made him American. To add drama, they made his loving family bullies.

Also to add an exciting plot twist… they added an evil twin for the hero.

The villain was keeping the evil twin in a snowglobe.

I just report the facts.

The very first time I ever met my editor it was at a book fair. I gave my editor, who I had just been introduced to, a run-down on the awful, terrible, no-good, very bad movie I had just seen.

Then we stepped away from my publisher’s booth. They had a big poster for the Dark Is Rising on it.

‘Oh. Oh my God,’ I said. ‘Uh. I meant violated my childhood in a good way…?’

Don’t even get me started on the Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. And I was warned about the move of Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate, which changed the ending of the book and made all the werewolves evil and European.

Some movies, even of wonderful and beloved books, are hideous travesties. But if I was absolutely guaranteed a wonderful movie, here are some books I’d love to see made. They are mostly YA books, because I loooove teen movies with an unholy passion and think Clueless and Mean Girls are among the best movies ever made.

Maureen Johnson’s Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes – Not only because I would like to see the crackly, funny dialogue in person, but because the heroine Ginny travels to lots of different places, and the sets in Italy and England could be really wonderful. Road trip through Europe! We Europeans never get road trips. (Mind you, a road trip in Ireland pretty much goes like this. Drive. Drive. Drive into the sea.)

Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers I’d love to see a not-so-hot hero being chased by evil forces on the big screen. And I’d love to see a tiny blond heroine stab a werewolf in the leg. My needs are so simple…

Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series. Ships! History! Costumes! The Royal Air Force… fighting Napoleon on talking dragons? How is that not something you want to see on the big screen? Plus Peter ‘Holy God the Lord of the Rings Was Awesome’ Jackson has already optioned the books for movies, and thus it is guaranteed to be awesome.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld Steampunk is a gorgeous visual thing: even though The Golden Compass was a bit of a flop, it was exciting to see history mixed with clockwork machines. How much more awesome to see World War I fought between machines and living, animal ships and balloons.

Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel Since I’m on the steampunk train already – clockwork demons! Plus cobblestoned streets! Bookish ladies in pretty dresses! Dashing silver-haired gentleman with sword canes!

And of course I would like to see Demon’s Lexicon made into a movie. Because I think it might make a pretty cool movie, and because the idea of seeing my imagination translated into a flood of bright living images is a dazzling one (I became completely overexcited by a mock movie trailer for my book).

Also because I have no serious objection to someone tipping up a money truck into my garden. Which I understand is what happens when they make a movie of your book…

If it’s not what happens, don’t tell me, okay? Let me have my dream.

They’d probably add an evil twin in a snowglobe anyway.

Thanks for guest blogging Sarah! I would love to see The Demon’s Lexicon be made into a movie too! Logan Lerman for Nick (except I can’t picture him as a bad guy..) Haven’t read The Demon’s Lexicon yet? No worries, I will be giving away The Demon’s Lexicon here on the blog today! Big thanks to Simon & Schuster UK.


Comments on: "Books Sarah Rees Brennan would like to see become movies!" (4)

  1. Having read 13 Little Blue envelopes I totally agree with that choice! I haven’t read the other ones YET but I do agree that based on the premise, Leviathan would make an excellent movie. And of course Demon’s Lexicon 🙂

  2. Wasn’t a Temeraire movie in the midst of pre-productions or something? If so I’m really looking forward to that. I would LOVE LOVE Leviathan to be made into a movie, but as for Darkest Powers…. I don’t know. On one hand, yay Tori! On the other hand, boooo Derek. (Sorry Sarah, I know you like him, but Derek does nothing for me.) I suppose it depends on whether or not they actually develop Simon’s character way more in the movie version (and better treatment for Rae, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one). lol but this is all hypothetical talk, I suppose.

  3. An evil twin in a snowglobe? But…did they read the book? I agree about Temeraire and Leviathan, they would make fab movies but I worry because of the awful His Dark Materials fiasco, which shows that throwing great cgi at a movie does not always make it work.

  4. Blood and Chocolate was one of my favourite books in the world when I was younger, and they slaughtered it. I read Annette Curtis Klause’s blog post telling how she had had nothing, absolutely nothing, to say over it, and I decided right then I would never sell my film rights.

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