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Kristin Walker on the miracle of modern technology

Happy Wednesday! Today I am happy to welcome debut author Kristin Walker! Kristin is the author of A Match Made in High School which is in stores now.

I’d like to take a moment to discuss the miracle of modern technology. I know that most of you can’t imagine a single day without blog checks, tweets, texts, and emails. Yet, somehow, civilization managed to evolve until the dawn of the information age.

When you imagine life before 1995, you may picture something resembling Little House on the Prairie days, but that’s not how it was. We had telephones. We even had call waiting. We had personal computers that functioned mainly as fancy typewriters (ask your parents what a dot matrix printer is). Some really rich kids even had phones attached a 3lb shoulder bag, so it was portable! Sure, there was a cord from the handset to the bag, and the whole package looked like something out of old filmstrips from the Vietnam War, but come on! Cords were necessary. Cords were expected. Cords were a reality. So when the Internet finally arrived, most of us could process the concept that we all were connected through cords.

Yet when I got my first laptop, with its plug and its 15-foot phone cord DSL connection, I dreamed of a day when I would be able to surf the Internet cordless. When I could walk around the house with my laptop and work in any room. At the time, it seemed like science fiction. But in a blink, it’s become reality.

And although it’s vital to remember a time when interfacing meant meeting face to face, when call waiting meant a busy signal, and when cordless meant you were outside, it’s also important to understand that technology shouldn’t be taken for granted. To you, it may be a normal element of life, but to many of us it’s a miracle. It’s magic. It’s an impossibility brought to life. And has brought our lives to the world.


Five things about Kristin:
1. I have a husband and three sons, and I’m a terrible housekeeper. The results are horrifying.
2. I’ve worked as an actor, lifeguard, waitress, library circulation clerk, nanny, beginning ballroom dance
instructor, daycare staffer, acting teacher, and summer camp junior counselor. Oh, and author! I forgot.
3. I have a rather foul mouth. Unfortunately, my kids can vouch for this. But I have improved.
4. I’d love to be in the Pillsbury Bakeoff some day.
5. I married a Canadian, but we cheer for the Flyers.

Taken from TheTenners.com