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Howdy readers! Today we have the author Josh Berk here to do a guest blog. Welcome Josh!

Kate asked me to do a guest post and I’m happy to do it! The topic that came to mind was: finding inspiration in unusual places. Because my book is out this month and I get asked about inspiration quite a bit! In fact, with the possible exception of “why don’t you look anything like your author photo?” the question authors are most often asked by readers is “where do you get your ideas?” (The answer to that first question, by the way, is “Photoshop.”)

In my case, the idea for THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN came from a few places.
Part of it came from a dream I had about a kid reading lips on a school bus. Part of it came from watching TV (specifically, MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.”) And the rest of it I filled in with details from my life and my imagination. It’s pretty great because I have somehow earned myself a life-time pass to refer to sleeping and watching TV as “research.”

But inspiration can come from anywhere. My next book came directly out of a (tiny) news article I came across and expanded upon. Ideas can come from our own lives, other people’s lives, our dreams, or other works of art. The key is to be alert enough to grab them when you see them and calm enough to let the seed grow into something grander. As my author-friend Christy Raedeke says, “Good ideas come when you make space for them.”

Even if you’re just sleeping or watching TV.

Thanks for having me, Kate!

Josh Berk is the author of The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin about Will Halpin, a boy who is overweight, deaf, and a little cranky. In his first year at mainstream high school, Will begrudgingly solves a murder and uncovers a secret truth about his family history. In stores now!

Josh has written about everything from fine art to punk rock for little ‘zines and big newspapers. The child of two librarians, he got a degree in Political Science from Drew University before realizing he hated politics and inevitably entering the family business. He holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and is well-known as a children’s librarian in Allentown, PA. He is also known in the city as an arts journalist, humorist, and guitarist (mostly in bands known for things other than fine guitar-playing). He currently lives in a cornfield just outside of Allentown, PA with his wife Kelly, son Elliot, and two Boston Terriers.

Taken from AuthorsNow.com


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  1. The ‘photoshop’ question is hilarious! Love it =)

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