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I have been rather swamped with tests lately so I haven’t been reading much. To fill in for my absence I shall share with you some exciting Shiver news! The Shiver fangirl in me screamed earlier this week when I opened Twitter and saw this:

After I calmed down my racing heart, I excitedly tweeted to Maggie Stiefvater this:

Then Maggie replied to my tweet and I was filled with happiness. I think that’s the second time Maggie has ever replied to my tweet. 😛

Watch the video in which Kaleb introduces himself! And if you didn’t know already, Kaleb is the author of Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse and also the founder of TwilightGuy.com.

Shiver is going to be big, I can totally forecast it. Horray! If you haven’t read Shiver, I hope my review will convince you to read it.

The day before ShiverGuy.com was announced, Perez Hilton made a very rude remark that made me extremely angry. Perez Hilton, if you ever read this, Shiver is NOT a stupid book. I think the stupid one is well, you.


Comments on: "ShiverGuy.com and a not-so-cool thing Perez Hilton said." (2)

  1. I thought Shiver was fantastic. It is still stuck in my head even though I have read 2 books since. Excited about Shiver Guy 🙂

  2. OMG!!!! WhOoOp WhOOoOp!!!

    I cant wait!!!!

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