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If you haven’t already guessed from the title… I am giving away an advanced copy of Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr. This novel is eagerly anticipated by Melissa Marr fans and I am giving it away! WOO HOO!

To enter: comment below telling me why you want to read this book!

Edit 21 Feb: changed from 6 bonus entries to 15 entries! Hopefully this will make people enter! πŸ˜› NO one has entered so far.
To get 6 15 bonus entries, you can do the following:

1) Make a vlog and post in on YouTube saying why you want to read the book.

2) Make a fan sign showing how much you love the series/Melissa Marr.

3) Take a picture or video of any book in the Wicked Lovely series in the wild. The books can be suntanning at the beach– anywhere. Be as creative as possible. You may use all the books in the series.

You can email you bonus entries to kate.readthisbook (at) gmail (dot) com. Subject: Radiant Shadows Giveaway

If I hit 150 and above followers via EMAIL*, I will draw a SECOND winner can pick one finished book of the following:

The Poison Eaters: and Other Stories by Holly Black (February 9th 2010)
Prophecy of Days by Christy Raedeke (May 1st 2010)
Other by Karen Kincy (July 1st 2010)
Faithful by Janet Fox (May 13th 2010)
Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols (August 3rd 2010)
The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (October 12 2010)
Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender (June 22nd 2010, paperback)
Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore (UK edition, will come with signed bookplate)

If you do not want to wait till the book is released, you can chose to get an ARC of Spells by Aprilynne Pike instead.

The first winner will receive Radiant Shadows once they send me their address. The second winner will receive the book once it is released, as in, available in bookstores. πŸ˜› Remember, if the release date is in August, you’ll have to wait till August for the book!

For extra entries:
+2 if you already follow or start following Read This Book! on Google Reader, or subscribe to my blog via email.
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Contest for Radiant Shadows opened to residents of USA only, for the second giveaway, the winner can be living outside USA. Entrants must be 13 years and older. Contest ends 30th March 2010.

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Comments on: "Be my ‘Radiant’ Valentine giveaway!" (82)

  1. I sooo want this book – I love the Wicked Lovely Series

  2. tracey rollings said:

    this book looks facinating and i always look out for new authors to broaden my mind

  3. Ahh! For a second there, I thought you had a copy of The Scorch Trials!!

  4. Awesome contest and a GREAT book cover design!

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    +1 Twitter (@intensewhisper)
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  5. Would love to read this as I’m a book junkie and love to read anything by a new author that I haven’t read before.

  6. I read book one when it was online from the publisher and book 2 and 3 are in my TBR for certain….love the series! Definitely would love to continue forward with it, not to mention that the author has a definite knack for drawing you into the story! (plus the covers….definitely eye-catching!) Count me in!

    +1 – already follow in Twitter! (GRgenius)
    +1 – tweeted! – http://twitter.com/GRgenius/status/9148069239
    +1 – linking on blog sidebar under contests (http://insatiablereaders.blogspot.com)

    Thanks for the great contest….and happy reading!


  7. Melissa Marr is a new author to me — but I’ve been hearing about this series for ages! I’d love to give it a try. Thanks for the chance!

    +1 I already follow you on Twitter πŸ™‚

  8. I want to read this book because I have already its predecessors at least four times each and am itching to read the fourth installment and find out if any of my theories are correct :). Also, more Irial and Ani? Cannot wait for that!

  9. Stephanie S said:

    πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read this book – I’ve read (and LOVED) the first three in the wicked lovely (tattoo fairies) series. Melissa Marr is great! I’d loved to be entered into this contest to win.


  10. I am in love with this series. When I read about all the goings on of faerie, I feel like I’ve entered the world of the book. That’s why I want to read it.

  11. I love these series. It’s an amazing take on faeries and the world is so vivid and detailed. Ani seems totally cool too so I can’t wait to read it πŸ˜€

  12. I’m a huge Melissa Marr fan and actually read Radiant Shadows. It’s fabulous!

    + 1 following on Twitter : @Lena1xoxo
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    Thanks for the awesome contest!


  13. I want to read this book because after reading the first books in this series at least 3 times each I am drawn into this story and am dying to see how everyone lives continue to intertwine. I am also drawn to the dark court a little more then the summer court so I am interested to see what Ani will do to shake that up. thanks for giving us all an opportunity to win an advanced copy.

    +4 because I am subscribed to this blog
    I have posted the contest up on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/meaghan.fonash.stevens

    and on good reads http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3282080

    Thanks again!! πŸ™‚

  14. I have always loved reading and studying faerie literature. I have even written papers in my undergrad and found any excuse to write about faeries. I actually just submitted an assignment just two days ago using Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely as the basis of my paper. I’m in a publishing program at Ryerson University and the assignment was to choose a fiction novel and come up with a creative way to describe what a production schedule might look like. That’s how much a fan I am, so I would LOVE to read the next installment of Marr’s series.

  15. Because who doesn’t want to know what happens next in the Wicked Lovely series, including myself!

  16. I live outside the US so I will try for the second contest πŸ™‚

  17. I love this series. The characters and really great and the stories are so detailed and wonderful. I’d love to have a copy of my own!! Thanks!!

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  18. I *Love* this series! It’s killing me waiting for RS to be released. Please enter me. Thank you!

  19. because it looks intriguing thanks for the igveaway

  20. I looooove this series so much. I read the books on a regular basis and I have been counting down the days till the book release. I would love to be entered.

  21. I want to read this book because I really enjoyed FRAGILE ETERNITY, and I want to find out a) how Seth and Ash are going to mend their relationship, b) if Donia and Keenan are ever going to get together, and c) how the Faerie Courts are going to collide next.

  22. Oh, and I forgot to say, thanks for holding this contest!!

  23. What a great giveaway/contest! Yay! I can’t wait to read this book, I love Melissa Marr’s writing!

  24. These books really inspire me. I’ve always been fasinated with the idea of fey or what most people call mythical beings. These books show how in reality it could be very well possible for anyone of us to be caught up in there world, as well as they in ours. Anyways i would love to read this new book coming out.

  25. Lindsey Proper said:

    Enter me please! I want to read RS because I want to see WHAT HAPPENS WITH SETH!!!

  26. Melissa Marr book up for winning draw, nough said. I would love to win the book because the Fae are my favorite in the Paranormal world and have none of the other books so far because for some reason have not gotten around to buying them. Radiant Shadows would be a good incentive to buy the rest of the series if I win the book because hate reading out of order!!!
    +2 old follower/lurker
    +1 posted on right sidebar with contests at: http://jacaburintexas.blogspot.com/
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    jackie b central texas

  27. I cannot wait for this book to come out- the ending of Fragile Eternity has left so many things open that i am DYING to find out about. I’ve read a lot of books and this is definitely one of the top series i have ever come across. Seth is probs my favorite male characters out there!!

  28. I would love this ARC because I am a new school librarian and I dying to read this so I can recommend this to my students and get the book club excited for the next installment. They love the first three as much as I do, and I’ve been reading them since the DAY “Wicked Lovely” was released, when I was a “lowly” bookseller. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, this is a great giveaway.

  29. I am so exited for the Radiant Shadows to be out in bookstores!
    I’ll admit, I’ve read it, but I want it on my shelf!

  30. hmmmmm? Why do I want to want to read this book/ well, because I love Melissa Marr and the Wicked Lovely series. Every time I read this series, I express one of the following: laughter, happiness, crying, sadness, angriness, or even…crazyness:)

    I love this series with my head and heart, body and soul. I hope I win this this giveaway.


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  31. Amanda Taylor said:

    I love the world Marr created, and am very interested to read more about Devlin. From what I’ve read about him I like him very much.

  32. Why do I want to read Radiant Shadows? Why wouldn’t I–that’s the real question, don’t you think? Melissa Marr’s Fragile Eternity series is so full of win, I recommend it to every person that is needing to cleanse their brains of the Twilight series.

    I’m invested in this series, totally commited, and even though Radiant Shadows isn’t all about Aislinn, Seth, Keenan and Donia, they’ll be in the story somewhere. And anyway, if it’s anything like Ink Exchange I know I’ll love it. It is because of Ink Exchange that I’m even intrigued by Ani. I know she’ll add an interesting element to the WL universe. And Devlin? Oh, man, talk about a man with an interesting story. He’s an assassin for cripes sake! I’ve read the first chapter of Radiant Shadows on Melissa Marr’s website and I’m dying to know more. You can’t help but feel for Devlin, even though he his a killer, he obviously leads a solitary existence.

    Anyway, I’d love to get my hands on RS as soon as possible. So…yeah… pick me! Or, you know…not. Whatever. (no really, pick me!)

    + 2 I started to follow readthisbook via email
    + 1 I started following you via twitter (PennyBitner)

  33. I want to read Radiant Shadows because Fragile Eternity left me wondering what Melissa Marr has in store for the characters, especially Seth.

    I’m now following.

    I live outside the USA

  34. Great giveaway! I live in Australia, so I’m only entering the second contest πŸ˜‰

    +2 already subscribe
    +1 following you on twitter @peacelovevegan
    +1 Tweeted – http://twitter.com/peacelovevegan/status/9179103742


  35. I want to read this book because I’ve read the rest of Melissa Marr’s books and neeeeed the sexual/romantic tension to RESOLVE itself eventually!! πŸ˜€

    +1 follow you on Twitter: stephxsu
    +1 linked to my sidebar!

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  36. Hi,

    Thanks for the contest and making the second part of it international. Just to be clear, as I’m from the UK, this is the only part I am eligible to enter and that’s fine with me as I am dying to read OTHER by Karen Kincy!

    I follow your blog +2
    I follow you on twitter +1
    I tweeted about the contest (http://www.twitter.com/lynseynewton) +1

    That’s 4 entries, fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  37. Okay while I’m not the biggest fan of the WICKED LOVELY series I have read all the books up till now I have to continue lol

    I’ve been a google reader subscriber and have been following your tweets lol

  38. I very much want this book because I absoutely LOVED the first three… but, If I could choose, I would take the ARC of spells instead. It would be a hard choice, both books are a killer wait. AND YOU HAVE THE HOLLY BLACK BOOK! Goodness! I am so jelious of you. Where do you get all of them from?

    +1 posted a link

  39. I want to read this book because i absolutely love the Wicked Lovely series. I know a lot of people probably say that, but i’ve been waiting for another book to come out forever. I’m going to be so impatient while i wait to buy this. I’m a huge fan of Wicked Lovely and i love Aislinn and Seth and i can’t wait for this one. If i don’t win this, i’ll probably be the first one in line to buy it.

  40. I am a huge fan and would cuddle, and pet, and snuggle, and cherish, and pat, and love the book.

  41. Kate, thanks for including Endless Summer in this contest! The publication date has actually been moved up to May 25…

  42. I just finished reading Fragile Eternity and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  43. I really would like this book….

  44. Oh, I forgot to say why I want this.

    I am a diehard Melissa Marr/ Court Faery Series fan. I am a member at the Rath and Ruins. I am probably concidered a relatively recent fan, but I have been reading the books for over a year now. They are a fantastic work of art, and I believe that they should be cherished throughout the years.

    I am anxious to find out what happens in the book. Very anxious, because I want to find out what happens to Rae, Dev, and Ani. Especially Devlin.

  45. I love this series and cant wait for this book to be released! Looking forward to what happens next in their world.

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  46. I have become a huge fan of this series and am extremely eager to read the next installment!! Every book just gets better and better building the characters and entwining them so masterfully. Never was a fan of ‘fairy tales’ before I started reading the WL series and I can’t wait to read the new book!!

  47. I love the way Melissa Marr writes! Each book can stand on its own but still you look forward for more. πŸ˜€

    +2 blog follower
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    +1 retweeted contest (http://twitter.com/maidenveil/status/9281460013)
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  48. I absolutely love this series and have reccomended it to many of my students at the high school I work at. It’s the perfect mix of suspense, romance and mythology all put together in a hard to put down novel. Couldn’t ask for a better book!

  49. Melissa’s writing is compelling and makes me want to know more about her characters.

  50. What began with Wicked Lovely keeps expanding and dragging us all deeper into the world/s of Faerie. Each book is better than the last — I swear I was literally gripping my copy of Fragile Eternity hard enough to warp the cover. Not many things can keep me reading that raptly, so I can only imagine (and I fully expect) that #4 will deliver on the promise of the previous books AND MORE!

  51. Ciarra May L. Mejia said:

    i love to read young adult books i spend all my penny buying those..but i havent read this one yet by your comments kinda curious about it…i suggest you read FALLEN too by lauren kate

  52. I love the Wicked Lovely series. I haven’t missed a book yet on its release date. I would love to win this book.

    +1 Twitter follower (@miainwriting)
    +1 Retweet contest

  53. because i love to read and cant buy the books i would want to. winning them instead is better πŸ™‚

  54. Hi!
    What a great, great, great giveaway and I would like to thank you for making the second part of the giveaway international =)

    *If* I’m one of the lucky winner, I would love to put my hand on to “Magic Under Glass” by Jaclyn Dolamore. I’ve start aiming for this book since the day it was published but up till today, I never saw any sight of it in my local bookstores. It was rather frustrating.

    +2 I’m already a follower
    +1 Already follow you on Twitter (@shy8629)
    +1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/shy8629/status/9478652009
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    Thank you again for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

  55. This is a new author for me and the book looks interesting.

  56. heard so much about the series, I seriously need to read it. I wish God gave the world more time lol.

    +2 started following with email
    +1 blog post (blog is my website)

  57. I read WickedLovely, Ink Exchange, and Fragile Eternity within two days – boy were my students annoyed! I was so caught up in the story and too tired to assign anything new that it was two days of “silent reading”…but well worth it for me, as I absolutely love the series. They are starting to go batty because I keep talking about RS πŸ™‚

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  58. One day, I came across a book called Wicked Lovely at my local bookstore. I loved the cover, i loved the description, i had to try it out. upon reading the first chapters i was hooked. Then to my surprise, Ink Exchange was released, i devoured that one as well. Then patiently i waited for Fragile Eternity, alas it came, and that one was read instantly. Now, i am trying very, very hard to “patiently wait”for the next installment of the Wicked Lovely Series, but it is proving to be most difficult!

  59. Vicki Wurgler said:

    I have never read a book by Melissa Marr – but this does sound like a good read

  60. I admit I’m addicted to this series! Plus, I really love the covers. Count me in!

  61. I confess I haven’t read the Wicked Lovely Series yet, but I would love to! It was the cover which grabbed my attention at first: it looks gorgeous! then when I read the synopsis, I knew I wanted to read this book.

    Please enter me in the contest.

  62. Marianna said:

    I need a new fun read for our beach trip coming up – this one sounds great! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Just saw info on her latest ebook (Stopping time) and checked out the sample on the first book in the series. Now I want to read them all.

  64. Wow! I would love to get the chance to read this book! I absolutely love Melissa Marr and her Wicked Lovely series. The books keep you wanting to find out what happens and the characters are amazing! I just love YA fantasy and romance, and I especially love how this series is about faeries! Just the books’ cover art makes you want to pick it up and read! πŸ˜€
    +2 following blog by email/also on google reader

  65. i am absolutely in love with the wicked lovely series! i read them over and over, i have probably read them so many times that i have them memorized! i have been waiting for this book to come out since the week after the last one came out! Melissa Marr is by far my favourite author and i just cant seem to get enough of her work. I would die if i got this book, i cant even describe to you how much i would like to read Radiant Shadows πŸ™‚

  66. Thanks for the giveaway ! So here’s my entry:

    The reason I want to read this book is because from the very beginning, I loved this series. I started reading the books right before the second (Ink Exchange) came out. After freaking out about it with my friend’s, the book was set on book shelf almost forgotten. A year later, I remembered that the book had a sequel…But it was on a different character. I was a little wary because I fell in love with the original characters, and I didn’t know how well the second one would go. So in turn I read the third book (Fragile Eternity) because it had the first characters. And loved it. So I did read the second book and after finishing it, I realized it was my favorite out of the three. I really, really want to read the fourth book because the characters are just so hard not to fall in love with !

    Thank you again!

    +1 for tweeting about it (@ForeverBelievin)
    +2 for Following you

  67. Cassandra said:

    I adore the Wicked Lovely series!!I cant seem to get enough of Melissa Marr or her books!Melissa Marr is my favourite author, I dont know what I’d do if i won (maybe scream, maybe die from GLEE).All I hear are good reviews from this book and that its supposed to be the most well written book in the series so far.


  68. I want to read this book because I haven’t had the chance to read any books by Melissa Marr. I’ve heard lots of great things about this author (and her books) and I really want to read it because it sounds really awesome! I love the cover art!

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  69. Why do I want this book? C’mon! Is Melissa Marr! She is awesome, and the first 3 books of the series are amazing!! =)

  70. +1 if you already follow or start following me on Twitter (@readingthisbook)

    +1 for every place you link to this giveaway: sidebar: http://allyversustime.blogspot.com/

    +2 subscribe to my blog via email.

    Total: + 4

    *fingers crossed!*

    And i NEED this book!!! Melissa is an awesome author and i can’t wait to read it =) I’ve heard too much about it to wait til AUGUST!

  71. Emily Brown said:

    +1 follow you on twitter
    +2 follows via email

    I love the Wicked Lovely series!!!!!!!

  72. I would like to read Radiant Shadows because I have read and enjoyed all of Melissa Marr’s series and Ink Exchange and loved them! I’m a high school librarian so I like to keep ahead of things.
    I have a plus 2 for following on google reader
    and a plus 1 for following on Twitter
    and I will go retweet right now for another 1 (klibrary)

  73. Thank you so much for the contest!I sooo hope I win this!

    +2 Subscribed to blog via e-mail
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  74. This is an awesome contest! How generous of you!

    +2 subscribe to your blog via email

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  75. Because I love this series!!

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  76. +2 (not yet – How do I google follow?) If you already follow or start following Read This Book! on Google Reader, or subscribe to my blog via email.
    +1 if you already follow or start following me on Twitter (@meow_mix85)
    +1 (maybe) if you tweet about this giveaway and mention me
    I say maybe because I’ve RT’d most of your tweets for this contest.

    The only for sure is Following you on Twitter.

    I am going to look through my book display pictures & see if I can find my WL pics too.

  77. I love Melissa Marr and the Wicked Lovely series. I tell anyone who listens to get the books. She is what got me into fairies!!
    +2 for google follow
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    eeeepp! so excited!!!

  78. +2 if you already follow or start following Read This Book! on Google Reader, or subscribe to my blog via email.
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    Haven’t read this series yet but I love finding new books!

  79. I’d like to read it because a) I’ve heard good things of the author but never actually read any of her books and b) I like that cover. Yes, I judge books by covers, but that is some lovely title layout design.

  80. Radiant Freak said:

    I have annoyed anyone who will speak to me about how I cannot wait for the book to come out. Several of my friends have threatened to kill me if I do not shut up. i am a crazy reader and often read a book a day. Because of this, my mother will not let me go to a book store once a month… the 15th of the month. i really do not want to wait a month to go to a book store, nor do I want to wait three months for the library to get Radiant Shadows. To save my life, my sanity, and me from an argument with my mom, (also my friends from going to juvie) choose me.

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