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Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater
Publisher: Flux Books
Publication Date: March 1st 2009
Buy it from: Book Depository (free shipping worldwide!)
Gold star (4.5/5 stars)

Synopsis: From the author of the New York Times bestselling novel Shiver

Sixteen-year-old Deirdre Monaghan is a prodigiously gifted musician. She’s about to find out she’s also a cloverhand – one who can see faeries.

Unexpectedly, Deirdre finds herself infatuated with a mysterious boy named Luke, who enters her ordinary life, seemingly out of thin air. But his interest in her might be something darker than summer romance. When a sinister faerie named Aodhan shows up with deadly orders from the Faerie Queen, it forces Dee right into the midst of Faerie. Caught in the crossfire with Deirdre is James, her wisecracking but loyal best friend.

Deirdre had been wishing her summer weren’t so dull, but taking on a centuries-old Faerie Queen isn’t exactly what she had in mind.

Review: The first time I read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, I was impressed by her writing. She has once again proven that she is a talented writer. Faeries are being done so many times in the YA genre, yet, Lament stands out among all the books. It’s Stiefvater’s amazing writing that sets Lament apart from the other faerie novels. The simple yet descriptive style of writing made it easy to connect with Deirdre. Her stage fright and nervousness around large audiences was particularly easy for me to relate to, but not to the extent that I felt like throwing up. The writing also allows readers to easily understand the fictional world which Stiefvater created where faeries exist. Even though it’s not something that could happen in real life, you wonder about the possibility, what if faeries existed?

One of my favorite aspects of Lament was the love triangle, which was so beautifully crafted, that my heart melted at James’s sweet gestures. He let her cry into his t-shirt! How awesome is that?! But I was annoyed that Deirdre did not really question Luke’s stalkerish behavior; Luke was popping up everywhere Deirdre was, which was downright creepy. Unfortunately, I hated who Deirdre ended up with, honestly, I get that the guy she chose is charming, handsome and treats her well but he had a secret agenda! I felt that the ending for love story was unsatisfying. It was sudden and one romantic interest was neglected. However, it does not affect the overall plot too much.

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this fantastic debut (this was Stiefvater’s first book), there was a twist I never saw coming and I thought that was interesting. The twist left me frantically flipping pages to get to the end. I definitely recommend Lament to fans of Lesley Livingston, Holly Black, Frewin Jones, Melissa Marr and Aprilynne Pike.


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