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This month the task is simply to eat Japanese food, take a picture if possible, and tell us about what you ate. You can go to a Japanese restaurant, or make something at home. It can be a favourite dish, or you can challenge yourself to try something new. The choice is up to you.

For more information head over to In Spiring it is the Dawn.

I was really excited to do this challenge as I eat Japanese food really often. Besides, I’m a foodie and I like to take pictures of the food I eat.

Warning: this post may cause excessive drooling and hunger pangs.

The fooooooood

Matcha green tea with ice cream

Mushroom and cheese omelette, delicious!!

Seafood pizza, Japanese style. Quite nice. Are you salivating yet? Proceed on for more photos.

Some shrimps, too plain for my taste.

Fried crabs… I think


Garlic fried rice

Raw fish and squids and other marine creatures

Not exactly sure what this is but it’s a decoration.

Ramen! In spirit of this challenge, I decided to watch Ramen Girl.

5 reasons why you should eat Japanese food
1. It is so much healthier than fast food, pasta, burgers etc!
2. It is a fun experience trying food from other cultures.
3. We get tired from eating Western food all the time right?
4. Eating ramen beats eating pasta!
5. Just because you don’t eat raw food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat sushi! There are other types of sushi like the California Roll which do not have raw food.

Want to eat expensive Japanese food? Try Nobu! 😉 Nobu restaurants can be found in many places including Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York, San Diego, Dubai, Intercontinental Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Mexico City.

Living in Los Angeles? You might also want to try Katsuya.
6300 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Comments on: "Hello Japan! – November: Are you hungry? challenge" (3)

  1. Triskaideka said:

    That all looked extremely delicious. *is jealous*

  2. Yum! Your post is making me hungry!
    I have to disagree with you about ramen vs. pasta though. I’m not crazy about ramen because it’s often quite oily but I do love my pasta and Italian food. My husband adores ramen though so I’m sure he’d agree with you. 😛
    Thanks for taking part in Hello Japan! this month.

  3. All such yummy looking foods! I love Japanese food but the only Japanese thing that I eat on a regular basis are these absolutely delish fried tofu rolls from the sushi place near where I work on weekends. There is also a great Japanese restaurant in town where I like to split the banquets with a friend so we can try a bit of everything and also one of those restaurants where they throw the food at you! Eeep!

    Lately, when I feel like taking a break from my large pile of fiction books to read, I have been picking up a book called Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat. It’s an interesting read being part cookbook, part auto-biography, and part non-fiction on Japanese culture. If only I had the slightest bit of kitchen know-how to try some of the recipes!

    Oh, man. Now I have gone and made myself hungry!

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