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This week there are several really informative blog posts you should check out. Especially bloggers!

Book Nerds talked about Reasons You Could Be Sued: Copyright Infringement which is very informative. EVERYONE should read it. I commented saying: I also noticed several blogs using images found on Google. As I was telling someone the other day, just because Google Images, Getty Images, etc allow you to search the images they own, or have collected, does not mean that you’re entitled to take them.

And even if you took an image you found on Google, edited it on Photoshop, it does not make you ‘free’ from the copyright. You are still violating copyright.

Did you know? Giving credit to the source of a copied work does not mean that the copier is not an infringer: It just means that he or she is not a plagiarist. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission to use it.
Source: Copyright: Fair Use and the Most Common Misconceptions of Copyright Law

Remember, copyright is a serious thing, don’t take it lightly.

Kristi did a wonderful post on Advance Readers Copies: what you need to know. Can you believe ARCs cost as much or even more than the finished copy? Alxandra Braken, author of Brightly Woven also did a post that I think all bloggers should read.

Katie Alender wrote a blog post on additional note to bloggers.. which you should read too.

Go and visit the new Beautiful Creatures website and support Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia by buying BC! 😀 Some stores already have it in stock!

The 2009 Debs are touring USA and Canada! Totally cool!

Last but not least Book Depository (affiliate link) is giving away bookmarks again when you buy their books. I don’t know if they still have bookmarks left but my order from one week back arrived today with a cute bookmark!


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  1. Thanks for linking our post, and for this post! It bothers me so much that people can be so rude/thoughtless with it comes to other people but expect people to treat THEIR information/resources/photos/etc with respect!

    Also thanks for linking the new BC site! I’m so glad everyone likes it! Margie & Kami deserve all this praise for all of their hard work!

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