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My 8 favorite things

This is a mini challenge by Princess Bookie.

Name 8 Of Your Favorite Things (not all books either LOL).
Wordle: 8 fave things

If you can’t read the above, it says:

1. My laptop, I cannot survive without it
2. My iPod!
3. Books, they are my escape.
4. Bookstores (and libraries)
5. Chocolate chip cookies
6. Airplanes, without them, I won’t have my books/CDs etc
7. Taylor Swift, I adore her music and she’s such an amazing songwriter. ❤
8. Burt Bees lip balm, best lip balm in the world.

By the way, I would advise you to click the above image only if you use Internet Explorer. It made my FireFox crash. =(