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Sleepless by Thomas Fahy

Emma Montgomery has been experiencing nightmares of gruesome murders. In fact, all of the students in Dr. Beecher’s secret society have been having terrible dreams and sleepwalking. Now, as their classmates start turning up dead, Emma and her friends race against the clock to find out what’s causing them to kill in their sleep.

Honestly I expected so much more from this book, sad to say, Sleepless did not meet my expectations. I found the cover pretty cool and was intrigue by the story but however I had problems with it. My biggest complaint was character development. Everyone except Emma were underdeveloped. Readers were not provided with enough background information on the characters. If the book had an additional 50 pages on the different backgrounds, I think it could have been better.

I had a few other problems with this book but I won’t go into great details. The plot slowed down a bit somewhere in the middle of the book, which I felt was inappropriate. It would have been much better if the pacing was faster and there were more investigation done to find out who was behind it. Not just pick a name out of thin air and say “that person is behind this!”. The creepy atmosphere was well written and I would advise readers not to read this at night or you might get nightmares!

Overall Sleepless was an ok book, great cover, interesting premise but not very well written. I wouldn’t recommend it to people looking for a mystery novel or thrillers. I also would encourage you to get it from the library if you should choose to pick up Sleepless as I feel it’s not worth paying so much for the hardcover.

Bronze star (1.5/5 stars)