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EDIT: I will order Shiver UK edition on Book Depository to the 2nd winner. And the Darklight winner will get the arc from me! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

I am basically swamped with work. So the winners of my DARKLIGHT contest will be announced in mid October. Remember I did mention that I take time to tally up the entries! 😉 But now I need your HELP!

VOTE WHICH BOOK YOU WANT TO WIN! I do not have enough votes so I am appealing to everyone to vote!

Voting will continue until I draw the winners! If majority votes for SHIVER UK edition, I will buy it once it’s available I will order it on Book Despository and it will be sent to your door step in days.

Standard Delivery United Kingdom 2-3 Working Days
Standard Delivery Western Europe 3-7 Working Days
Standard Delivery US & Canada 7-10 Working Days
Standard Delivery Other 7-14 Working Days

Reviews.. yes I am behind in some reviews and I will try to get them done once I finish my work. Let just put it this way, I have kind of been in a ‘sad’ mood lately and if you seen the books I’ve been reading, you’d know that the past four books I read consecutively are about death. No, I am not suicidal or anything. =P Just that when Kate has issues, she reads books with issues. And I have a hard time reviewing books about death. My reviews would not do justice to the books.


Comments on: "Update: attention those who entered to win DARKLIGHT" (2)

  1. i personally perfer the U.S darklight cover it’s beautiful ….

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