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Because Danielles book is made of awesomeness I decided to have another contest real soon. SO CHECK BACK OFTEN. In the mean time, go and check out Danielle’s contest on her blog!

I promised contests during September but I was so swamped with work and simply had no time. 😦 But don’t worry, I’m giving away DARKLIGHT by Lesley Livingston!

Lesley Livingston is the author of Wondrous Strange and Darklight.

Synopsis of Wondrous Strange:

17 year-old Kelly Winslow doesn’t believe in Faeries. Not unless they’re the kind that you find in a theatre, spouting Shakespeareβ€”the kind that Kelley so desperately wishes she could be: onstage, under lights, with a pair of sparkly wings strapped to her shoulders. But as the understudy in a two-bit, hopelessly off-off-Broadway production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wishing is probably the closest she’s going to get to becoming a Faerie Queen. At least, that’s what shethinks… In this fun, urban fantasy, Kelly’s off-stage life suddenly becomes as complicated as one of Shakespeare’s plot twists when a nighttime trip to Central Park holds more than meets the mortal eye.

How did you come up with the names for Kelley and Sonny?
Kelley started off as a minor character in a short story I wrote. As with most of my characters, her name just came already attached! Weird, I know, but that’s how it usually happens. Sonny also came with his name already attached – although I will admit that I may have been partially infulenced by a Robbie Robertson song that’s been a favorite of mine for years called “Sonny Got Caught in the Moonlight”!

If Wondrous Strange was made into a movie, who would you pick to play as Kelley and Sonny?
Hmm… I think I’d like a couple of fantastic, talented unknowns! Mostly because I honeslty can’t think of any actors who fit right now (although, if the model that my designer used on the cover of WS can act… well… she is certainly the perfect image of Kelley, in my mind!)

I heard there are two more books coming up for the Wondrous Strange trilogy! Can you tell us what to expect? πŸ˜›
I can’t really say a whole lot about them, but I can tell you that both books are the direct continuation of Sonny and Kelley’s story. And that pretty much all of the regulars from book one are back, plus a few new faces… and readers might just get an extended glimpse into the Otherworld!

What do you do when you’re not writing?
Well, I’m an actress so some of the time I’m rehearsing or performing. I also read a lot. In the summer I attempt to garden with varying degrees of success.

What’s the last book you bought?
It’s a nonfiction text called Lords of Battle: The World of the Celtic Warrior by Stephen Allen – I’m an ancient history buff!

Which do you prefer:

1. Meeting a faerie in real life or meeting a leprechaun in real life
Oh dear… much like Bob the Boucca in WONDROUS STRANGE, I think I’d really prefer to avoid crossing paths with leprechauns… On the other hand, there are more than a few types of Faerie that I’d rather not meet in dark alleys or on moonlit open moors… and I’d suggest being extremely polite if such a thing ever happens to you!

2. Hardcover or paperback
Both. In abundance!

3. Sunrise or sunset
Sunset, definitely. NOT a morning person.

4. Twilight or Harry Potter
But… but… they’re both books! I have to choose??

6. Sushi or Pizza
Pizza. Glorious pizza.

7. 30 days without chocolate or 30 days without music

I can live without chocolate. Music – not so much. In fact, I get twitchy when the battery runs down on my ipod.

8. A trip to Asia or a trip to Hawaii
I’ve been to Hawaii (awesome) so I’m going to say Asia.

9. Cats or dogs
I’ve kept company with both throughout my life. Right now it’s 3 cats (although one might be a dog disguised in a cat suit – it’s hard to tell…)

10. Being a understudy or working backstage
Sometimes it’s the same thing! I’ve done both and found merit in either role. Really… so long as you’re actively involved in a production, it’s always magic!

And thank you!! This was fun!

I am really sorry if some of the questions were lame. I did this interview a LONG time ago, when I first started blogging. xD Well, Lesley has agreed to give away a ARC for Darklight! Oh and I strongly advise readers to read Wondrous Strange first! I read it last year — loved it!

How to enter:
Credit Lee Verday for this idea. Comment as many times as you like to be entered! Yes this mean you can spam my comments! Every comment you post gives you one entry! πŸ™‚ COMMENT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. ONE PERSON CAN COMMENT 40 TIMES AND THAT’S FORTY ENTRIES!

Bonues Entries:
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CONTEST ENDS OCT 4 (plenty of time!)
Sorry, at the moment I’m not sure if this contest is open to US only or worldwide. I shall double check and let you know. But most likely it’s US only.

Visit Lesley on her website! Darklight will be out on December 22nd ’09.

Can you hit 380 comments? I am considering throwing in another book as well for a second winner if we hit 380 comments. Are you up to the challenge? you did it! Horray! Spread the word about this contest! Get more people to participate!

VOTE NOW for the second book! Btw Shiver UK edition has a BLACK cover which is very diff. from the US cover.

Which book would you like to win? CLICK HERE TO VOTE!


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  22. I love the book, I can’t wait or the others!

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  38. Danielle Pullman said:

    It’s me again. Tring to spam only once a day.

    I’d just like to add that Wondrous Strange was the first book I read completely about fairies. I had never been that interested in the past, but the cover, plus the summary made me pick it up. I’m very glad I did.

    Now i’m trying to patiently wait with everyone else for the next one. (If only the months would fly by)

  39. Brandee Price said:

    I loved Wondrous Strange and can’t wait for Darklight!

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  49. I am hoping that persistance pays off

  50. By the way, for a quick review, Wondrous Stange is a wonderful urban fantasy. It sets up a world so unbelievable, and yet places it in our world in such a believable way. That might be a bad explaination, but I’ll stick by it. The Shakespearean elements really fill it out, as well, and, though anyone would love it, I think actresses will take a special shine to Kelley.
    The characters are the absolute heart and soul of the story, as it should be, and earn it a very solid rating on my part. Kelley is very believable, and Sonny is just unbelievable enough, to make their romance sparkle. I absolutely suggest it to anyone searching for a good fantasy read.

    And I really hope I win the sequel…subtle hint πŸ˜€

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    Nice Review Liz!

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  63. I too, am and actress and a writer and A Midsummers Night Dream has always been one of my favorites! This series especially appeals to me and my love of faeries.

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    Isn’t the cover for DARKLIGHT gorgeous? πŸ™‚
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  105. I already read Darklight and loved it! You will be dying for the next one!!!

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    Kate’s reply:

    You can talk about anything, sushi, what you bought today, how much you like a book, fave characters etc etc.

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  159. I love all the caharacters in WS! Especially Bob, Tyff, Sonny, Kelly, okay…. like I said, I love all the characters!

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  232. I really don’t want to mix Twilight with Vampire Diaries. I don’t care what anyone else says, they’re different.
    I’m also doing this because I recently did a vampire diaries post,lol. I’m obsessed with the book series and the t.v series.

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  241. I hate them both though.

  242. So I have to send them to my crit. partner so she can tear them to shreds! Woo!

  243. I have to do a lot of research for it though. My research pile includes:

  244. The Wood Wife by Terri Windling

  245. The Faery Reel: Tales From the Twilight Realm edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

  246. Poison by Chris Wooding

  247. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (which I’ve read, but need to read again)

  248. Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr (I’ve also read this one already)

  249. Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr (also a re-read)

  250. I, Coriander by Sally Gardner

  251. Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

  252. I Was a Teenage Fairy by Francesca Lia Block

  253. The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint

  254. Out of the Shadows by Sarah Singleton

  255. Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson

  256. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchet

  257. Faeries by Brian Froud

  258. Lady Cottington’s Faerie Album by Brian Froud (with help from Lady Cottington, I’m sure)

  259. Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud

  260. Good Faeries by Brian Froud

  261. And, OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, this would be comment 381 πŸ™‚

    My work here is done.

  262. HEY guys! Back for some more comments…

  263. Just on facebook and stuff…

  264. My throat is killing me. Especially when i swallow!

  265. I watched the season preimere of House and I really liked it! Anybody else watch it?

  266. I’m back again! Please enter me!

  267. I have returned

  268. Now I’m watching Sonny with a chance

  269. and reading Stargazer by Claudia gray

  270. at the same time

  271. So Much Commenting has made me a crazy person,lol

  272. I’m also running out of things to comment,lol

  273. Still watching t.v

  274. good episode!!

  275. now I’m eating peporoni, cheese, and crackers lol

  276. Today I reread half of Wondrous Strange over again XD

  277. my mother bought me a new book

  278. it’s called Dreaming Anastasia

  279. I think I’ll go read it now XD

  280. +2 I follow you on twitter (@Senfaye)
    +2 I follow Lesley on twitter too!

  281. I loved Wondrous Strange so I would looooove to have Darklight!!

  282. I’m backing and watching T.V lol

  283. Off to bed, see yah everyone.

  284. Just made…..

  285. Waiting for them to cool off so i can put the frosting on, yay!!

  286. I love cupcakes. I also just watched the new Vampire Diaries episode..

  287. it was the best so far in my opinion!!!

  288. Yay today is finally Friday. It’s the 25th XD

  289. Now I’m listening to music and going to check on my cupcakes XD

  290. I’m off to bed, good night everybody.

  291. awesome contest!

  292. love this book so much!

  293. please!

  294. count!

  295. nice contest πŸ™‚

    Kate’s reply:

    Hi, I was wondering if you and Jenny are the same person?

  296. i wonder how darklight will be..

  297. have a nice day!

  298. i like this contest

  299. Giselle Vento said:



  300. Giselle Vento said:


  301. Giselle Vento said:

    give me a copy

  302. giselle vento said:

    give me a copy plz

  303. Giselle Vento said:

    i want darklight

  304. Giselle Vento said:


  305. Giselle Vento said:


  306. i want this book , i love sonny

  307. Still entering

  308. i really want to win

  309. plz i need to win this copy

  310. i cant wait for it

  311. i dream about kelly and sonny every night

  312. i dream about kelly and sonny every night , its so interesting

  313. loving

  314. i also love stargazer

  315. its from claudia gray

  316. its from claudia gray a great author like yourself

  317. i also love kittens

  318. its so random

  319. this blog

  320. have any of you read the book called glass houses

  321. from rachel caine

  322. i also recommen the dead girls dance

  323. midnight alley

  324. feast of fools

  325. lord of misrule

  326. carpe corpus

  327. carpe corpus from rachel caine its great

  328. i wonder if there will be a triangle love story in wondrously strange

  329. i hate love triangles

  330. its too confusing

  331. true love is never confused

  332. like kelly and sonny

  333. my favorite seen is when he tells her he loves her through the plays words

  334. i think kelly and sonny were destined to be

  335. because they are brought together form birth then torn apart by war and brought together by coincedence then bound together by love

  336. i hope kelly becomes queen and sonny her prince and marry

  337. she could also free both worlds from her fathers evil purpose reign

  338. i even think that her father stole her from her mother thats why she is so pissed

  339. but what will she do with kelly when she has her is what im wondering

  340. i also love how sonny from just meeting her once is jealouse of the guy holding kellys hand

  341. that is very very very very funny

  342. lets see wat else can i see

  343. i also like that sonny loves her already but is angry about it

  344. kelly is very hurt by the way he treats her

  345. i also like that in the carriage ride they miss understand each oher

  346. wat about when the king reads sonnys mind

  347. awesome……lol

  348. i also like the fairies on earth like the siren

  349. pick me im actually commenting

  350. ive read the first book about (no lie ) 5 times …. i really love this book

  351. my friends think im a freak because of it ….

  352. ive recommeded it to every single one of my friends

  353. oh by the way have any of you seen the episode of medusa on the history channel

  354. medusa was a victom and turned by anger into a monster

  355. the show is called the clash of gods

  356. i see it because i love history and love storys

  357. like evernight…..

  358. and the perils of pursuing a prince

  359. the hazards of hunting a duke

  360. highlander in love

  361. highlander in disguise

  362. highlander unbound

  363. forbidden nights with a vampire

  364. the secreat life of a vampire

  365. all i want for christmas is a vampire

  366. the undead next door

  367. be still my vampire heart

  368. vamps and the city

  369. how to marry a millionaire vampire

  370. dead until dark

  371. living dead in dallas

  372. club dead

  373. dead to the world (my favorite)

  374. dead as a doornail

  375. definitly dead

  376. all together dead

  377. from dead to worse

  378. shakespeare’s landlord

  379. break

  380. im back …..yeah!!!!!!

  381. shakespeare’s champion

  382. shakespeare’s trollop

  383. shakespeare’s councelor

  384. the velvet promise

  385. highland velvet

  386. velvet song

  387. velvet angel

  388. sweetbriar

  389. counterfeit lady

  390. lost lady

  391. river lady

  392. twin of ice

  393. twin of fire

  394. the temptress

  395. the raider

  396. the princess

  397. the awakening

  398. the maiden

  399. the taming

  400. the conquest

  401. a knight in shining armor

  402. wishes

  403. mountain laurel

  404. the duchess

  405. eternity

  406. secret desires of a gentleman

  407. the wicked ways of a duke

  408. and then he kissed her

  409. she’s no princess

  410. the marriage bed

  411. his every kiss

  412. guilty pleasures

  413. vampire academy

  414. frostbite

  415. shadow kiss

  416. blood promise

  417. vampire kisses

  418. vampire kisses 2

  419. vampire kisses 3

  420. vampire kisses 4

  421. vampire kisses 5

  422. vampire kisses 6

  423. vampire kisses 7

  424. romeo and juliet

  425. too wicked to tame

  426. confessions of a viscount

  427. desire never dies

  428. for the love of a pirate

  429. good groom hunting

  430. night of the huntress

  431. thrill of the knight

  432. wild and wicked in scotland

  433. mistress of scandal

  434. when seducing a spy

  435. to sin with a stranger

  436. the most wicked of sins

  437. hourglass

  438. two weeks with a stranger

  439. an arabian marriage

  440. twilight

  441. new moon

  442. eclipse

  443. breaking dawn

  444. spirit bound

  445. the lover

  446. gabriel’s woman

  447. fade out

  448. all these are books ive read or want to read. i’ll probably put more later . these are just some out the top of my head ………….i read alot………………i read a book every 2 days even when i have to study ….i always make time ……i dont have much of a social life though……lol…….thats why i should win

  449. companions of the night

  450. evermore

  451. i love robert pattinson

  452. movies i like

  453. troy

  454. beauty and the beast

  455. the beautician and the beast

  456. i have to go out be back soon

  457. wooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo

  458. Back, to comment. Haven’t been back the past two days…

  459. I just finished Angel of Death, the sequal to the Christopher Killer. It was really good and I need to get the third book.

  460. Ugh, Im just on Yahoo answers annswering random questions and trying to sound smart. ;D

  461. Now im trying to find some more songs… currently im obsessed with the band Alexisonfire.

  462. I saw a ghost today…

  463. My hands feel weird and I can barely type…

  464. listening to Around the World by Daft Punk…

  465. it’s kinda a weird song…

  466. i’m also reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. ANybody else read it yet?

  467. it’s actually pretty cool so far. πŸ˜€

  468. I think I might go see this Play today leter on…

  469. I meant later…

  470. Haha, i got this thing that told me i was posting comments too quickly. πŸ˜€

  471. Now listening to Breathe – Telepopmusik. Ive never heard it before now…

  472. I watched the season premire of dollhouse last night and then Psych. πŸ˜€ I love psych.

  473. Psych, Heroes, and Fringe are probably my top three fave TV shows.

  474. I;m really tired. I’ve been on my feet most of the day, and it’s raining so they’re soaked and sore.

  475. Listening t oanother song ive never heard until now-Day ‘N’ Nite (crookers remix) – Kid Cudi

  476. I can’t type today, can I? I keep on making htese typos…

  477. See? I meant to type these.

  478. My throat still hurts…

  479. So does my jaw, though Idk on that one…

  480. Listening to…. Yes – LMFAO

  481. My Dad and Uncle are playing chess… haha, random. πŸ˜€

  482. Wow, we’re up to 610 comments. πŸ˜€

  483. I feel nerdy for being excited for the new episode of SWAC tommorow… haha. πŸ˜€

  484. I have to wait two weeks till the new episode of Psych! AHHH!

  485. What are Phenylketonurics? I drinking coke and on it says PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE. ?

  486. i’m listening to Crippling Machine By A Rotterdam NOvember now…

  487. Wow, I just noticed how soft my hands are!

  488. My dad cussed out some boy scouts today… it was pretty hilarious. πŸ˜€

  489. They deserved it.

  490. Wait, so how is this going to work? It’s not like you can just pull a comment out of a hat…

  491. Comment number 619

  492. Listening to german techno. πŸ˜€

  493. “What was he wearing? Was there like a design or like brand name written anywhere?” “Yeah chels, he was wearing pants with Juicy written across his butt.” “Really?” Haha, I love my friends. β™₯

  494. β™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺ

  495. β–ˆβˆ™β•¨β™¦β•¨β™¦cβ””Β²p3q#β–Œ3β••Hβ™ β™¦β—˜β—‹β—˜TΓ„β—‹β™£β˜Ί-UΒ§β•š{qβ–ˆΟƒβ˜»Γ„pΖ’eƒìÒk♣◙ⁿ+β•«β–‘w

  496. Sounds like my dad’s losing badly…

  497. Listening to THe Happy Ending by Phantom Planet

  498. Ugh, I still have a bunch of homework to do…

  499. But i’m really tired…

  500. On facebook now…

  501. Myt friend just finished Wondrous Strange so I told her about this contest…

  502. Ugh, my stupid typos…

  503. I need some new shoes. And a new belt…

  504. I wonder if I can iron this scarf…

  505. Apparantly I can… it says ‘Mild Iron’ on the tag.

  506. It’s a cool scarf its rainbow plaid and very soft…

  507. I love how I’m just typing all my random thoughts on here. πŸ˜€

  508. Whoa, I just forgot what Iwas anout to say…

  509. I mean about…

  510. Oh, I remember! Iwas gonna say that i’m listening to Do the Panic by Phantom PLanet. Haha, radomness. GOtta love it.

  511. I mean randomness..

  512. Ugh, i’m sooooo tired…………….!

  513. Comment number 641. πŸ˜€

  514. We’re definitely past 380. If we get up to 760 we’ll be double that.

  515. OK I’m back!!!

  516. I decided to start singing lyrics to you guys as I don’t know what else to comment about other then I bought a new book….

  517. It’s the Thirst volume of last vampire, black blood, and red dice by Christopher Pike. And My dad also gave me chocolates XD

  518. Now the lyrics, what should I do first???

  519. How About Light’s February Air since I’m listening to that currently.

  520. β™«β™ͺβ™«β™ͺβ™« If you

  521. don’t believe

  522. If you don’t

  523. You Mustn’t

  524. face like the

  525. the back of my

  526. you understand/

  527. So won’t you

  528. How I know this

  529. place like the

  530. back of my hand//

  531. Please don’t

  532. lose hold of me

  533. You’re near me/

  534. say that you’re

  535. Do you know my face like the

  536. back of your hand/

  537. My arms get cold/

  538. In February air/

  539. Please don’t lose

  540. hold of me out there/

  541. My arms get cold
    In February air
    Please don’t lose hold of me out there

  542. yeah yeah yeah yeah/

  543. yeah yeah yeah yeah//

  544. yeah yeah yeah yeah///

  545. My arms get cold//

  546. In February air
    Please don’t lose hold of me out there//

  547. My arms get cold
    In February air
    Please don’t lose hold of me out there///

  548. There
    February air, air
    And i know this place like the back of my hand/

  549. Yay the first lyrics are complete

  550. I also was looking at some of my old books I had bought.

  551. Like Hallowmere series by Tiffany Trent!!!

  552. I also have heard of Morganville vampire series, they’re my favorite book series.

  553. Off to bed now, good night

  554. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  555. yeah yeah yeah

  556. yeah yeah yeah ,im tired of this …lol

  557. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp

  558. ggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  559. SHANE

  560. CLAIRE

  561. NEMO

  562. JELLY MAN

  563. CRUSH

  564. DORI

  565. BREATH

  566. CARD

  567. WHALE

  568. CHICO

  569. BINGO

  570. BUBBLES

  571. shark bate

  572. i read gabriel’s woman

  573. and let me tell you

  574. it gave me a head ache

  575. it was so boring , it repeated

  576. the word angel so many times

  577. god , the author is a mental case

  578. i speak whale

  579. hairspray

  580. tinker bell

  581. october

  582. sieze the night

  583. fantasy lover

  584. sherrilyn kenyon

  585. darla

  586. night pleasures

  587. julian

  588. grace

  589. amanda

  590. kyrian

  591. selene

  592. bill

  593. talon

  594. sunshine

  595. acheron

  596. tori

  597. nick

  598. savitar

  599. valerous

  600. tabitha

  601. artemis

  602. zeus

  603. athena

  604. appolymi

  605. hera

  606. elizabeth

  607. anne

  608. ghost hunters

  609. mango

  610. new york

  611. l.a

  612. pluto

  613. ben franklin

  614. hellfire

  615. wizards

  616. be my boy toy wolf boy!

  617. i am sullen cause i dont have a cullen

  618. jasper and alice

  619. i love thee sonny

  620. “why do you hate me you dont even know me” -kelly

  621. “oh kelly, im so far from hating you” —sonny

  622. “im not going any where with you”—- sonny

  623. “I’ll find the whole in the wall”—–sonny

  624. who’s the girl?

  625. nobody

  626. you hold her image there

  627. my eyes hurt

  628. eve

  629. micheal

  630. morganville vempires

  631. youre being careful though about the boys

  632. paris

  633. sdgdgggggdgnggmmmmmmmmmmmdddddd

  634. hyyyyyyyyyyffffffffffccccccccccjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj -my own personal language for awesome

  635. the young victoria (the movie)

  636. love story between albert and victoria

  637. true story

  638. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..

  639. im falling asleep

  640. florida

  641. miami

  642. england

  643. london

  644. france

  645. ultra violet

  646. prison break

  647. i love prison break but it ended so sadly

  648. adopt a darkhunter

  649. darkhunters need love too.

  650. especially zarek

  651. darkhunters are so hot

  652. you know whats the thing with YA books

  653. they dont have enough physical contact

  654. im up for a soulful love story any day but love does require more physical contact than most books put

  655. more kisses and more hugs etc…..

  656. i hope the author puts sonny shirtless again and that kelly see’s him

  657. i really do hope that kelly becomes queen ….

  658. but i see the story heading a different way, she will probably become a very important actress.

  659. i dont know what sonny will do on earth

  660. where will he work?

  661. and why do the fairies steal babies from earth who have families . why dont they go to an adoption center and take those. duh?

  662. i never understand that

  663. what do you think would have happend if kelly and sonny would have been raised together?

  664. i wish that i didnt have to wait so long to read darklight

  665. im watching shreak right now

  666. i love donkey

  667. eddie murphy plays it very good

  668. fiona is such a pain

  669. bright lights big kitty

  670. bright lights big kitty 2

  671. going

  672. peace

  673. out

  674. !!!!!! see you later

  675. one last comment

  676. boo

  677. Haha well I’m back!!

  678. And I’m not leaving for a long, long, long time.

  679. Until I reach a goal of 400 comments that I have posted XD

  680. Ok So I’m going to start of with….

  681. books I own…this might take a while,lol.

  682. I’m only counting the books on my shelf, since yah. I do have more books then that but there in boxes packed away from when we moved. So lets get started.

  683. I’m also counting manga as well XD

  684. ok lets get started…now

  685. Miki’s Fall volume 1

  686. Miki’s Fall volume 2

  687. Miki’s Fall Volume 3

  688. Miki’s Fall Volume 4

  689. The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner

  690. The Silver Blade and The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner. I have two copies for some odd reason,lol.

  691. Leven Thumps Book 1

  692. Leven Thumps Book 2

  693. Leven Thumps Book 3

  694. One Liter of tears by Aya kito <=== Recommend this diary biography of this girl, it's a beautiful written traumatic story.

  695. Wings By Aprilynne Pike

  696. Tattoo By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  697. Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  698. Pretty Little Liars By Sara Shepard

  699. Flawless By Sara Shepard

  700. Perfect by Sara Shepard

  701. The Riddle Of Epsilon By Christine Morton Shaw

  702. Valiant By Holly Black

  703. Thirst Volume 1 which includes the novels The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice by Christopher Pike.

  704. Evernight by Claudia Gray

  705. Stargazer by Claudia Gray

  706. The Vampire Diaries Volume 1 which includes the books: The Awakening and the struggle.

  707. Oh that was by L.J Smith

  708. The Vampire Diaries which included the fury and the Dark Reunion by L.J Smith

  709. A great and terrible beauty by Libba Bray

  710. Rebel Angels (haven’t read yet) By Libba Bray

  711. The Sweet Far thing by Libba Bray

  712. Bizenghast Volume 1 by Alice LeGrow

  713. Bizenghast Volume 2 by Alice LeGrow

  714. Bizenghast Volume 3 By Alice LeGrow

  715. Bizenghast Volume 4 by Alice Legrow

  716. Bizenghast Volume 5 by Alice LeGrow

  717. Bizenghast Volume 6 By Alice LeGrow

  718. The Young Wizards By y Diane Duane

  719. I haven’t read that book but it looks interesting lol.

  720. Well. I think it’s safe to say that, in my absence, the power grabbing and backstabbing

  721. “Kelley. Your name is Kelley, isn’t it?” He didn’t wait for her confirmation.

  722. Nancy Drew The Mystery at Lilac Inn

  723. “Yes. Well. Tell me…that bit just now…was that from Dante’s Inferno?”

  724. ahh Giselle you have returned

  725. Nancy Drew The Clue in the crumbling wall

  726. “Uh…no,” Kelley stammered. Her face felt hot.

  727. I have more Nancy Drew books but there all packed away.

  728. “Really?”

  729. Bella at Midnight by Dianne Stanley

  730. I’m in for it.

  731. “Are you sure?” he continued.

  732. The Time Quartet collection by Madeleine L’ Engle

  733. “Because it most certainly wasn’t from this play. And it bloody well sounded like hell.””

  734. Damn it Bella!

  735. You’ll

  736. be the

  737. Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells

  738. death

  739. Vampire Kisses 1

  740. of me,

  741. I swear.

  742. Vampire Kisses 2

  743. Vampire Kisses 3

  744. – Edward Cullen

  745. And So the lion fell in love with the lamb.

  746. Vampire Kisses 4

  747. What a stupid lamb.

  748. Vampire Kisses 5

  749. What a sick masochistic lion.

  750. Something to blog about by Shanna Noris

  751. Edward & Bella

  752. Before you, Bella,

  753. Evermore By Alyson Noel

  754. my life was like

  755. Blue Moon By Alyson Noel

  756. a moonless night

  757. Very dark,

  758. Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

  759. but there were stars

  760. points of light and reason

  761. . ….And then you shot

  762. On the run by Gordon Korman

  763. across my sky like a meteor

  764. The whole Kidnapped series by Gordon Korman

  765. Suddenly everything was on

  766. fire; there was

  767. Pillar of Flames by Ree Soesbee

  768. brilliancy, there was

  769. Bliss by Lauren Myracle

  770. beauty.

  771. When you were gone

  772. The otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler

  773. when the meteor had fallen

  774. Shugo Chara volume 1

  775. over the horizon,

  776. Shugo Chara volume 2

  777. everything went black

  778. Nothing had changed,

  779. Shugo Chara volume 3

  780. but my eyes were blinded

  781. Shugo Chara volume 4

  782. by the light. I

  783. Shugo Chara volume 5

  784. couldn’t see the stars

  785. Marked By P.C + Kristin Cast

  786. anymore. And

  787. Betrayal By P.C + Kristin Cast

  788. there was no more reason

  789. Chosen by P.C + Kristin Cast

  790. for anything

  791. I own all the Beatrice Bailey series by Sandra Forrester

  792. If I could dream

  793. Fruits Basket volume 2

  794. at all, it would

  795. Fruits Basket volume 1

  796. be about you.

  797. Fruits Basket volume 3

  798. And I’m not

  799. Fruits Basket volume 4

  800. ashamed of it.”

  801. Fruits Basket volume 5

  802. If we could

  803. Fruits Basket volume 6

  804. bottle your luck,

  805. we’d have a weapon

  806. Fruits Basket volume 7

  807. of mass destruction

  808. on our hands.

  809. Fruits Basket volume 8

  810. Fruits Basket volume 9

  811. Fruits Basket volume 10

  812. Fruits Basket volume 11

  813. Fruits Basket volume 12

  814. Fruits Basket volume 13

  815. 997 comments??? And we were worried about reaching 380??

  816. I really want this book!!

  817. REALLY!!! πŸ™‚

  818. Fruits Basket volume 14

  819. Fruits Basket volume 15

  820. Fruits Basket volume 16

  821. Fruits Basket volume 17

  822. Fruits Basket volume 18

  823. Fruits Basket volume 19

  824. Fruits Basket volume 20

  825. Fruits Basket volume 21

  826. Fruits Basket volume 22

  827. Fruits Basket volume 23

  828. I’ll continue all the books I have tomorrow.

  829. So what lyrics should I do now…hmmm

  830. How about lifehouse, Hanging by a moment

  831. I’m falling even more

  832. in love with you/

  833. Letting go of all

  834. I’ve held onto/

  835. I’m standing here until

  836. you make me move/

  837. I’m hanging by a moment

  838. here with you/

  839. Forgetting all

  840. /Completely incomplete/

  841. I’ll take your

  842. You take all of me

  843. I’m falling even more in love with you/

  844. Letting go of all I’ve held onto/

  845. I’m standing here until you

  846. make me move/

  847. I’m hanging by a moment here with you/

  848. I’m living for the only

  849. thing I know/

  850. I’m running and I’m not quite sure

  851. And I don’t know what

  852. I’m diving into/

  853. Just hanging by a moment here with you//

  854. There’s nothing else to lose/

  855. There’s nothing else to find/

  856. There’s nothing in the world/

  857. That can change my mind/

  858. There is nothing else/

  859. There is nothing else//

  860. There is nothing else///

  861. Desperate for changing//

  862. starving for truth/

  863. I’m closer to where I started/

  864. <