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Hi guys! It’s nearing the end of the discussion. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been participating in the discussion. You guys = awesomeness.

Since I am in a good mood today, I decided to type out some parts from the earlier chapter and the first part of this chapter.

Josh and Dillion were coming to get proof, and even though the rumour that the security division had recently invested in poisionous darts probably wasn’t true, I still didn’t want to think about what would happen if Josh came looking for me– now or ever. And when I thought about it that way, I really only had one choice.

“I’ll be back soon,” I said as I shoved Josh’s earrings into my pocket and reached for my silver cross, clinging to my legend till the end.

I walked toward the door as Bex called, “What are you gonna tell him?”

I didn’t stop as I said, “The truth.”

Well, obviously I didn’t mean “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” truth. More like the Code Red truth– the abridged kind. Spy truth.

Yes, I go to the Gallagher Academy
Yes, I have been lying to you
Yes, you can’t believe a single thing I’ve said or done.

  1. What were your feelings when you read that Cammie said “the truth”. Did you think she’d tell the actual “I am a spy” truth?
  2. Breaking up really hurts. CONFESS! Have you ever broke a guy’s heart?
  3. Why did Cammie lie that she was homeschooled when she planned on saying the Code Red truth. Do you think she was chicken to admit the fact in front of Josh. But eventually she apologised which is her way of saying, yeah I go to GG Academy.
  4. “If I had, I probably would have seen the van.”
    What is the first thing that comes to your mind? A unplanned mission? Cammie being kidnapped? Dillion was driving the van?


Comments on: "Gallagher Girl book discussion chapter 26" (2)

  1. 1. Yes, I thought Cammie was going to actually spill the beans about everything.

    2. Yes, I’ve done the breaking – twice. Luckily, I haven’t been on the receiving end.

    3. I think Cammie was trying to follow the coveops guidelines.

    4. I thought Cammie was under surveillance by someone – don’t know who.

  2. 1.Yeah, I was a little surprised that I thought she was going to tell him the WHOLE truth..
    3.She could get in some REAL trouble…
    4.Not really sure, I’m on the 3rd book now.

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