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There might be spoilers! Be warned.

  1. Cammie is neglecting her project because of Josh. Have you ever hard any of your friends neglect their school work because of a boy? Do you think Cammie should manage her time between school and Josh better?
  2. When Mr. Solomon said “Hot date?” do you think he knew what Cammie has been up to?
  3. How do you feel about teachers knowing personal things about you? Like whether you have a boyfriend.
  4. Cammie’s mom asks her if she wants to watch a movie with her. How would you feel if your mom asked you to the movies? Would you be embarrassed?
  5. In real life, there are boarding schools and girls don’t interact with guys. What are your feelings on that?

DISCUSS!! Comment about other people’s opinions. ;D It’s more fun that way.


Comments on: "Gallagher Girl Chapter 18 book discussion" (4)

  1. hoppiemochie said:

    Hiya all of youz!..
    How are yaz doing?

  2. 1. Well…shamefully, I will have to say I was such a person – easily distracted by my boyfriend (because he’s a great de-stresser) – that I did not pay as much attention to school as I should have.

    2. Big coincidence! I don’t know… he didn’t pursue the comment either, so who knows. It’d be kinda weird if he was following Cammie around when she goes to see Josh.

    3. Weird if I was in school, but better now that I am out and “grown up.” I’m still weirded to talk about my boyfriend to anyone.

    4. My mom doesn’t go to movies, but if she would ask, it would be for a Korean movie with no English subtitles and she’d get impatient with me when I ask her what exactly is going on. So no, I’d probably pass.

    5. Very strange. There’s also boy schools who don’t interact with girls. I think co-ed can be a good thing as it helps you develop social skills and I believe that the opposite sex balances out the different personalities. I don’t think I could go to an all girls’ school without going a little psycho! 😀

  3. 1. Yup, I’ve been in the boyfriend zone with the first boyfriend. However, I eventually learned to avoid that zone with the following boys. It’s Cammie first boyfriend so she’s doomed in regards to time management.

    2. Yes, I think Mr. Solomon had an inkling on what Cammie was up to.

    3. Way back when, I didn’t mind what my teachers knew about my personal affairs. Mostly because my boyfriend action was nil.

    4. I wouldn’t have minded if my Mom wanted to go to the movies. Wouldn’t want to miss the movies even if it was with parents.

    5. I don’t mind the boarding schools policy. But, I think most boarding school do have social events for interaction between the two.

  4. Gallagher Girl said:

    1. I don’t know.

    2. Of course, Mr. Solomon knew. *SPOILER ALERT!* – Cammie’s mum tells Cammie that her and Joe knew what Cammie had been up too, but I don’t think he knew she was going on a date right then.

    3. Well, she does go to a boarding school but yeah, it is weird.

    4. No. Her mom was probably upset, because it was Cammie’s MIA father’s birthday and she just wanted to take Cammie’s mind off things.

    5. I don’t know what to say about that. It is wrong, because people should interact with each other.

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