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Gallagher Girl Chapter 18 book discussion

There might be spoilers! Be warned.

  1. Cammie is neglecting her project because of Josh. Have you ever hard any of your friends neglect their school work because of a boy? Do you think Cammie should manage her time between school and Josh better?
  2. When Mr. Solomon said “Hot date?” do you think he knew what Cammie has been up to?
  3. How do you feel about teachers knowing personal things about you? Like whether you have a boyfriend.
  4. Cammie’s mom asks her if she wants to watch a movie with her. How would you feel if your mom asked you to the movies? Would you be embarrassed?
  5. In real life, there are boarding schools and girls don’t interact with guys. What are your feelings on that?

DISCUSS!! Comment about other people’s opinions. ;D It’s more fun that way.

Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors

Two Juliets,
both alike in desperation. . .

Seventeen-year-old Mimi Wallingford, of the Broadway Wallingfords, has a life most girls can only dream of—complete with the starring role in her family’s production of Romeo and Juliet. But acting is not her dream, and she’s fighting for the right to trade her script for a scalpel and become a doctor.

Fourteen-year-old Juliet Capulet, of the Verona Capulets, has lived a lonely life—imprisoned by the feud that consumes her family and by her iron-fisted mother’s forcing her into an unwanted marriage. She will do anything to avoid her betrothed, even if it requires faking a boil on her bottom—or something more dangerous.

During the play’s final performance, Mimi’s wish to get away actually comes true when she and her heartthrob costar, Troy Summer, are magically transported into Shakespeare’s Verona. Now that she knows the real Juliet, Mimi doesn’t want to stand by and allow the play to reach its tragic end. But if saving her new friend means changing the ending of the greatest love story of all time, will she and Troy ever make it back to Broadway?

Saving Juliet was a delightful read. It was funny, quirky, fast paced. I found myself laughing so hard at the scene with Troy and the leeches. I won’t spoil the book for you but this book was so funny. Suzanne Selfors is amazing. It’s great how she turned Romeo and Juliet from a tragic love story into a hilarious story together with her own characters. I was worried that because I did not quite understand Shakespeare language, I won’t be able to understand or enjoy the book. But no! You don’t have to speak “thou” and “thy” to be able to read and enjoy this book! Even the characters in Verona do not speak this type of language. My only complain is

*SPOILER* read at your own risk

…that Troy’s character developed too fast. Hence, I didn’t quite like how fast the romance between Troy and Mimi was. Sure, Mimi had a crush on him at first but she did change her opinion of him. And after this trip she becomes infatuated. Maybe it’s just me but it happened too fast for my liking.


There are questions at the back of the book too, great for book discussions! So to conclude my review, if you like YA books that has Shakespeare refrences, read this book!

If you haven’t already, order it on Amazon! Visit Suzanne Selfors at her website. She also has a new book, Coffeehouse Angel, coming out July 21.

Twilight Tuesday part 2 (New Moon poster)

Yes! It’s official! *squee*

My gorgeous Edward Cullen! I LOVE IT! I am in love with the poster. I am so freaking excited for the movie. Heck, who isn’t?

When the New Moon trailer is out, I promise you a big Twilight goodies giveaway!

So thoughts on the poster?