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Edit: The question is now up on www.twitter.com/readingthisbook! You have one week to send me your answers.

You have read my interview with Julie, and now, we have the contest to win Black Box! =)

Black Box synopsis: When Dora, Elena’s older sister, is diagnosed with depression and has to be admitted to the hospital, Elena can’t seem to make sense of their lives anymore. At school, the only people who acknowledge Elena are Dora’s friends and Jimmy Zenk—who failed at least one grade and wears black every day of the week. And at home, Elena’s parents keep arguing with each other. Elena will do anything to help her sister get better and get their lives back to normal—even when the responsibility becomes too much to bear.

Sounds good? Now’s your chance to win it –signed!

The question will be posted on Twitter on Friday May 15, 9:45 AM Eastern Time. You have one week to reply to my question on Twitter with the correct answer. Remember to address your tweet to @readingthisbook.

Where can I find the answer?
Read the interview I did with Julie. =]

I’ll be drawing the name from a bag on May 22nd.

What’s the catch?
My Twitter updates are protected. Which means you have to follow me or you can’t answer the question! And you have to read the interview I did with Julie. ;D

To get extra entries:
Retweet! +1
Link to this contest on your blog/sidebar +2
Comment HERE to let me know where you retweeted/linked.

US residents only (I’m sorry international peeps). But I’m having a contest for international people soon. Stay tuned! Hopefully next week.


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  1. I tweeted it here: http://twitter.com/Senfaye/status/1854040035

    I commented on the interview!!

    Thanks Kate!!

    -Senfaye 🙂

  2. chiizus said:

    RTed here:

    Posted to blog here:

    Yay! Thanks!

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