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How exciting!

I gasped when I heard Rick Roirdan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief will be made into a movie. It seemed like yesterday when I read that book (actually it was 3 years ago). Congrats Rick! The movie is set to be released in 2010 and directed by Chris Columbus. Logan Lerman will be playing Percy and Alexandra Daddario will be portraying Annabeth! More information over at the IMDB page. I am so excited.

Another book going to be made into a movie would be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I have not read her book yet but I am going to try them since Steph Meyer praised it. Here’s what Lionsgate President of Motion Picture Production, Alli Shearmur said “The Hunger Games’ is an incredible property and it is a thrill to bring it home to Lionsgate. This is exactly the kind of movie I came to Lionsgate to make: youthful, exciting, smart and edgy. We are looking forward to working with Nina and Suzanne to create a movie that satisfies audiences’ hunger for high-quality entertainment.” More info at comingsoon.net.

Next exciting news, Kate Brian’s Private novels will be made into a webseries, brought to you by the producers of Gossip Girl! Oh and the most exciting part is that you can auditon to be Kieran! More information here. The series will be available to watch at www.privatetheseries.com in July 2009. How exciting!! I can’t wait. I am really interested in knowing who plays Reed, Noelle, Arianna, Josh, Thomas and Taylor. =] I’m a long time fan of Brian’s books.

Last but not least, Carrie Ryan has sold film rights for The Forest of Hands and Teeth to Seven Star Pictures. Her book, by the way, was jaw dropping. Look out for my review soon.
Here’s what some additional info:
Alan Nevins of Renaissance Literary & Talent said the book, a zombie thriller set in colonial times about a girl who lives in a religious community in the woods and is equally worried about a zombie invasion and her planned marriage, is in line to “do for zombies what Twilight did for vampires.” Supposedly Seven Star is developing the project for an-as-yet-unnamed A-list starlet, and fast-tracking the project with a first draft of the screenplay already in the works.

A-list starlet? Oh my gosh, I am dying to know who it will be.

What a fabulous year for authors! =) Congrats everyone.

Comments on: "Book to movie adaptations" (2)

  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing all of the news with us :o) I’m excited for the Private web series. It’s a personal fav.

  2. ..eeek zombies, my biggest nightmare.

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