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  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  2. Why do you think unlike Cammie, Liz is wide awake?
  3. Do you think that spying on Josh’s house is a bit extreme and stalkerish?
  4. What if Josh turned around and saw Liz and Bex dangling on the roof? How would Cammie handle the situation?
  5. As we learn from the chapter, guys can be confusing! Share with us your confusing experience with a guy. Optional 😉

On Tuesday Cecilia posted Chapter 9. Today Reyna will be posting the discussion for Chapter 11 and Katie with Chapter 12 on Saturday. I’ll edit the list later sometime this week with all the links to all the chapters.


Comments on: "Gallagher Girls Chapter 10 book discussion" (8)

  1. 1. I don’t know if it’s a belief, but I just haven’t seen it happen! I am more for “Friends first and see where it goes from there” type of girl 🙂 That’s how I fell for my boyfriend 😀

    2. If she’s like me, then she wakes up when she gets out of bed and starts moving about.

    3. A little stalkerish, but perhaps less so if these stalkers were spies-in-training 😉 It was a little creepy when they cracked into his mother’s Inbox.

    4. Oh man, I don’t see how Cammie could talk herself out of that one! She could try and feign ignorance, but then Bex and Liz would eventually be in bigger trouble! If she comes clean that they’re with her, then Josh would be totally weirded out.

    5. Guys are pretty confusing! You like them, you know they like you…but they won’t make the first move! I hate that – I know I’m old-fashioned, but I think the boy should ask the girl out. I had to wait forever and drop millions of hints, but he just wouldn’t budge! I think he was waiting for me to do something… *sigh* Mixed signals and whatnots.

  2. 1. I kinda believe in love at first sight. When I first met my hubby there was a spark.

    2. Liz is wide awake because of her personality. Some people are more alert than others. I’m pretty laid back and mellow.

    3. The spying on Josh is extreme and stalkerish, but I guess that is what spying is all about.

    4. If Josh saw Liz and Bex dangling I think Cammie would have concocted a cockamamie story.

    5. I agree with epic rat, about being old-fashioned and wanting the guys to lead.

  3. 1. Umm personally I’ve never fallen in love at first sight so no. But other people could have!
    2. Liz was probably too excited to do the investigating.
    3. I think it’s stalkerish! =P
    4. I think Cammie might karate chop him on his neck and he’ll black out. Then Cammie would tell him her imagined the whole thing when he wakes up.
    5. Guys like to give mix signals so I am always confused. But some guys are easy to read, like a book!

  4. 1) I don’t know… perhaps for some people that maybe the case but I’m with epic rat on this I would personally like to get to know the person

    2) When Liz has a problem to solve nothin can stand in her way not even the need for sleep

    3) It is stalkerish but understable as they are going into the spy business

    4) I have no idea. Maybe she’d make up some elaborate story I mean josh probably already thinks she’s kind of strage after the whole suzie the cat thing, or she could have knocked him out like kate suggested

    5) What can I say about guys? Sometimes it seems that they are from a completely different species. Hard to figure them out at times. Some though are an open book

  5. ha ha! i like kate’s karate chop solution for #4!

  6. Do you believe in love at first sight? nope, but I do believe in Lust at first sight.
    Why do you think unlike Cammie, Liz is wide awake? hmmm… I dunno. I didn’t think about it.
    Do you think that spying on Josh’s house is a bit extreme and stalkerish? nope. I think it’s necessary.
    What if Josh turned around and saw Liz and Bex dangling on the roof? How would Cammie handle the situation? I think she would have knocked him unconscious like she said she might have to and made a run for it.

  7. Mekiknzie said:

    Okay, you see I have finished each and every book and I have concluded if another is not instated by November 6th, 2011 I will sadly not be reading it.See it’ll be my 11th birthday and I’d like to read (And finish.) the siris, yet I can’t wait around for-ever.PLEASE TRY AND CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gallagher Girl said:

    1. Maybe. Everyone has different opinions about that. I guess you find out eventually.

    2. I don’t understand what that means. lol.

    3. Nope. Cammie’s a spy. She’s used to it. To her it’s called “Protocol”.

    4. Josh would probably be asking alot of questions. Perhaps, also freaking out a little but Cammie’s a spy. She could have lied or just ran.

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