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My first email to an author

This is kind of embarrassing but here goes nothing.

This email was written to Ellen Schreiber, who writes the Vampire Kisses series.

Dear Ellen,

I am a big fan of your books. I read the first two books for Vampire Kisses already. I’m currently waiting for the third book because it is checked out in every single library where I live.

Raven and I might be like totally opposite. I’m kinda girly as I like hot pink but I swear black is still my fave. Tho I’m not gothic or punk like Raven, I really envy Raven. I am not allowed to dressed up like every day is halloween if I’m allowed to I would love to dress like Raven. Another reason is because I’m only 12 years old. Like kinda young eh? But I read books that are way beyond my level of reading like Gossip Girls, The Clique etc.

I’m not sure who will be reading this letter, Ellen’s Secretary or Ellen herself. I’m not even sure if you will read my letter Ellen. I’m sure you get at least 100+ emails a day. I just wanted to tell you that your books are great and you really should make a movie out of the Vampire Kisses Series. I would be the first to watch!
Keep writing Vampire Kisses books, I will keep reading! Good luck.

Your till the vampire kisses,

Ain’t I the cutest and LOL-est kiddo ever? I was so excited when Ellen replied to my email. Haha. 2 years ago, one of my seniors borrowed my copy of VK, but when she returned it, it was all yellow. She took ONE YEAR to return the book to me. I loaned her four books and she only returned two. Now she’s no longer in my school so I can’t get back my other two books. =(

So that’s my first email to an author and she actually replied. Go ahead and laugh at how funny I was.