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Edit: I’ll apologise in advance to those who enjoyed the book and was upset by this review. This review is mostly my thoughts on Michael. No ‘dislike’ or anything towards the author. It’s Michael’s personality and character that I strongly dislike.

This is very upsetting. I can’t finish reading Taken By Storm (stopped at Chapter 20). I have reached a point where I just want to throw the book out the window. It’s a library book and that’s what’s stopping me from doing that. Let’s see what are the problems I have with this book. Michael is a selfish and arrogant jerk. He thinks every girl out there should like him. He doesn’t care about Lessie’s belief in God and I think he blames God for his parent’s death! I have a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC problem with Michael. I’m ok with all the other characters except him. Why does he have to be like that? Gosh.

This is suppose to be the “next Twilight”. Yeah right. Taken by Storm was a big let down. I had high hopes for it but let’s put it this way, I am glad I did not buy this book and I would not recommend it at all. Pretty covers don’t determine the story.

As I was typing this, I decided to give the book one last try. I will skip the parts where I simply can’t stand and see how it goes. Argh, as far as I can remember, I have never stopped reading a book because I couldn’t stand the character.

Edit: I can’t stand this!

What the hell is the matter with Michael?
His whole thinking of what love really is is WRONG. And I can’t believe he blamed Lessie for killing the night (pg 169). Wtf? Her birthday was in a few days time and isn’t it the least he could give to her?

Pg 178, oh my lord, how can he call his girlfriend, the girl he loves a bi___h. Ahhh! It’s so wrong. I feel like screaming “FORGET HIM! There are other guys out there!”

Seriously, this book gets 1/10. That 1 mark is for effort.


Comments on: "Can’t finish Taken By Storm" (2)

  1. Ohh, that doesn’t sound so great. Not being able to finish a book is disappointing.

    By the way, you have an award on my blog:

  2. Wow, I have not read the book – but it was on my list to read at some point. It sounds like you gave the book several chances, and it sucks that ONE character is spoiling it for you (particularly the love interest???). That’s craziness! There’s no knight-in-shining armor waiting in the background who is less of a jerk? đŸ˜¦

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