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Ahh my brain isn’t working well because of the migraine. If you got an email saying the contest ends Friday 13th April, I meant 10th April! It’s not wise to be blogging and emailling with a killer migraine and homework not done.


Interview with Tera Lynn Childs part three

My head hurts so bad right now. Killer migraine. So shall quickly blog. I’m still waiting reply from Melissa so I shall post Tera’s first. She’s the author of OH. MY. GODS.!

1. As a child, who was your fave cartoon character?

There were so many! My parents called me Bugs (for Bugs Bunny) and George (for Curious George), but I also loved Cinderella. I guess if I have to choose just one all-time favorite it would be Rainbow Brite.

2. Which subject were you least good in, in high school?
Um, sadly, English. I was a science girl and I just didn’t get grammar or literary analysis. Partly, it was because it didn’t seem relevant to my life, and partly it was that I didn’t identify with the books we had to read. I can count on one hand the books I read in school that I actually liked.

3. Did you love or dread Valentine’s Day in high school?

Neither? I was always equal parts hopeful that maybe my crush-du-jour would reveal that he secretly loved me too, and accepting that it was going to be just another day.

4. How were your grades like in high school?
I was a good girl with good grades. Mostly A’s with a few B’s. I was even in all the honors and AP classes.

5. How did you cope with homework?
I was (still am) a serious procrastinator. I always put off homework and papers and studying until the last possible moment. Unless an assignment was longer than about five pages I almost always put it off until the night before it was due. (I don’t necessarily recommend this approach, but it’s a process I still use today with my writing deadlines.)

6. What do you do when you are very stressed?
That depends on the type of stress. If I’m emotionally stressed out, I clean. If I’m just worried or overwhelmed, I go shopping–either at Target or a bookstore. I like to just browse, sometimes without even buying anything. It think it makes me feel better to wander.

7. If someone told you 10 years ago that you would be a writer, what would your reaction be?

When I stopped laughing I would have told them they were sadly mistaken. Ten years ago I had just graduated from college (with a degree in Theatre) and was applying to architecture schools. Writing was definitely not in my plans. (more…)

Win Death by Denim ARC!

Linda Gerber is giving away a signed ARC of DEATH BY DENIM along with this stylin’ skull and crossbones necklace. But there’s more, a basket of books – which will include a signed set of all three DEATH BY books – an iPod Shuffle, iTunes gift card and more! How exciting!

All you have to do is design and decorate anything denim and send the picture to Linda!

Hurry! Contest ends May 14, 2009.