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I met Sarah Dessen!

Oh my gosh it was an amazing experience meeting Sarah. Sarah was so nice and sweet. She gave me a ARC of Along For The Ride and it’s autographed too! 🙂 OH MY GOD right?

So I was starstruck when I met Sarah. I could not utter anything except a small “hi”. What’s the coolest thing? I got a picture of me and Sarah together.

This is my experience of meeting SD on April Fool’s Day. In case you haven’t figured it out, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

Go and check out the books I read so far this year. Click here! And the third and final part of the interviews will come in the next few days or may stretch till next week! I have to come up with creative questions after all right? 😉


Comments on: "I met Sarah Dessen!" (4)

  1. I am soo jealous!!

  2. That’s so cool. =D

  3. Er… LOL guys but this is a April Fool’s joke. -.-

    You just got fooled! HAHA.

  4. Aww, Kate, Kate. An April Fools joke. tsk tsk 😉

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