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Today I present Melissa Walker! 😀

1. What was your high school experience like?
I liked high school by the time I was a junior. Everyone had matured a little by then, and I had a great group of friends.

2. What was the craziest thing you ever did while in high school?
Nothing too crazy. One time we rearranged the letters on a Burger King marquee… um… but what we arranged them to say isn’t fit to print.

3. Which was your fave subject back then?
English–shock. I loved reading.

4. What books did you like to read when you were in high school?

I mainly read the required books, and of those I adored THE GREAT GATSBY, A SEPARATE PEACE, and A LIGHT IN AUGUST. Outside of school, I read some Judy Blume and a ton of Sassy magazines… does that count?

5. What was your dream job when you were in high school?
I wanted to be a magazine writer… for Sassy. But it folded before I got into the job world… Sigh.

6. Did you ever have a part time job during vacations when you were in high school?
I had a part-time job at the movie theater (like Violet) always. Well, since the day I turned 16 anyway.

7. Where did you and your friends hang out after school?
At my house–it was really close to the school so it was an easy place to get a snack.

8. What would you usually have for lunch?
I don’t remember! I do remember there was a $2 meal at Wendy’s we could get with some school discount card we had–it involved lots of fries.

9. Ever eaten in a toilet stall like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls?

No! Thank goodness. My heart goes out to anyone who has.

10. Did you like school dances or the prom?
I did. I was a total traditionalist in high school–I HAD to go to the prom both junior and senior years. I’m a sucker for that classic “high school” stuff.

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Great interview Kate!
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Comments on: "Interview with Melissa Walker part two" (13)

  1. I loved reading Judy Blume too! And I wanna read Violet on the Runway please!
    Comment: #1

  2. I loved reading those books too!

    Comment #2

  3. Haha, so far in highschool, I haven’t gone to any dances!

    Comment #3?

  4. Haha I just read A Separate Peace a couple months ago in English class! I liked the story itself, but then our teacher made us overanalyze everything which made me not like it very much anymore. But one of the required books I really liked was Of Mice and Men!

    Comment #4

  5. Oh wow – I totally really got into The Great Gatsby for English class reading too! Fitzgerald’s writing was so beautiful, so fluid, so liquid – after all that, some writing nowadays just can’t compare. With each successive reading, it just kept getting better 😉

    A 2$ meal at Wendys?! LUCKY! I don’t think there’s a wendys near my school. And the cafe food is pretty expensive – really takes a toll on the wallet by the week’s end. 😦

    Hmm… what can you rearrange Burger King to say?

    haha, great interview!

    Comment #5

  6. Comment: #6

    I would love to have gone to a prom…if we had proms that is. I guess it’s the dress I am after.

  7. Comment #7

    I would LOVE to have a job at a movie theater. Actually, I’d love to just have a job…

    I have to read The Great Gatsby this summer, it’s comforting to know that you liked it Melissa :D3.

  8. Comment #8

    Ha! I thought I was the only freak who liked my high school experience!


  9. I tried reading The Great Gatsby, but it never really clicked…

    Comment: #9

  10. I think school’s nice only if you have good friends 🙂
    Comment #10

  11. German school is so different compared to American high school. I didn’t have any prom. =(

    Comment #11

  12. Comment #12

    My high school had this great toast on the salad bar every day ….. I only wish I knew what they did to make it because I’d eat it every day.

  13. I’m so excited to read this series!
    Comment # 13

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