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Yay! I have been waiting for this interview by TLC! Wanna know why? Because she tells us a little about what’s going to happen in Goddess Boot Camp! What are you waiting for. Go and read!

1. How did you get the idea of writing Oh. My. Gods.?
Actually, I came up with the idea while playing around with reality TV show titles. Growing Up Gotti (about the daughter and grandsons of mob boss John Gotti) was on at the time and I thought it would be fun to tweak it into Growing Up Godly. From there, I just had to figure out a story to fit the title.

2. How long did it take for you to write Oh. My. Gods.?
I wrote the first draft really quickly, in a little over a month. But between that and then multiple revisions it took me about four months altogether.

3. Was it a difficult process getting your book published?
Everything about publishing is hard. (Except for getting fan mail. That’s awesome!) OH. MY. GODS. was actually my fourth book. I’d written three other complete manuscripts and had been trying to get an agent for about two years before I finally found (the perfect) one. After that, it still took several months and many rejections before we finally sold the book. But in the end I think it’s like having a baby–not that I have any experience with that! I know there was a lot of hard work and tears along the way, but it was worth it because I wound up with the best possible agent and editor for me.

4. Can you tell us what to expect for Goddess Boot Camp? More drama between the sisters?
Oh, definitely! Actually, it’s the following summer and Damian and Valerie are headed off on their honeymoon, leaving Phoebe and Stella home alone. There’s more yummy Griffin, kick-butt Nicole, and sweet Troy. And, yes, even more Adara. This time there’s also a little more adventure in the story, both at Phoebe’s Boot Camp and in the form of anonymous messages about her Dad.

5. How can you relate to your main character, Phoebe?
It’s not hard because there is a lot of me in Phoebe. Just like her, I was an athlete in high school, I had stick-straight, blah-brown hair and a nebulous social status (not popular, not unpopular), and my standard uniform was pretty much jeans and a t-shirt. There’s just one really big thing we don’t have in common, but I can’t exactly give that away, now can I?

6. Which character did you find the hardest to write?
I have a hard time writing bad characters. I mean, I can write baddies like Stella and Adara, but I have a hard time keeping them bad. Take Griffin, for example. When I started the book he was supposed to be the bad guy and Phoebe was supposed to end up with Troy. (Shhh, don’t tell her!) But, since I can’t keep my bad characters bad, he soon turned into Phoebe’s hero. Basically, if you hate a character in one of my books, it’s a good bet that at some point I’ll probably redeem them.

7. What did you research on while writing Oh. My. Gods.?
Beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise seas–oh how I wish I could have researched them in person. Obviously, I did a lot of research on the Greek gods, finding minor ones like Troy’s ancestor, Asklepios, and uncovering their characteristics so I could use those on their descendants. I also did travel-related research on flights from L.A., the Athens metro, and ferries to the Greek islands. Research is one of my favorite parts of writing, so I always wind up doing more than I need. But you never know when that one tiny obscure fact is going to be just what you need.

8. What do you do when you have a writer’s block?
I don’t believe in writer’s block. That doesn’t mean I’m a page-producing machine, but in general there are two reasons why I might not write on a given day. 1) “I’m not in the mood.” Which really means I’m being a slacker. This is definitely my most frequent excuse. 2) “I’m stuck.” This happens when I’m missing a puzzle piece. If something about the story isn’t working or I haven’t pinned down an important element, like my character’s goal or motivation, then I have to spend some time figuring it out before I can move forward. Sometimes that means just staring out the coffee shop window for a couple of hours, but I promise you that I’m really working.

9. If someone made a movie of OH. MY. GODS., who would you cast?

Phoebe- Amanda Bynes
Phoebe’s a jockette cross-country runner with little patience for fashion if it’s not Nikes and a pair of sweats. After playing soccer stud Viola in She’s the Man, she is my perfect choice.
Griffin Blake- Tom Welling
Griffin is a descendant of Ares, which makes him really athletic. His sport of choice? Cross-country, of course. He’s a little bit tortured and a lotta hot, so how could I not choose Tom with those chiseled cheeks and piercing blue eyes.
Nicole- Kristen Bell
She’s the girl who knows the lay of the land, who’s going to show Phoebe the ropes at the Academy. And she’s way kick-butt, just like Veronica Mars.
Troy- Chad Michael Murray
Cutie-pie, boy next door, best guy friend. He comes from a looong line of doctors, but has his own dreams.
Stella- Ali Larter
Evil stepsister? Check. Stella is a descendant of Hera, queen consort and head chick on Mount Olympus. Ali in vixen mode is the perfect Stella.

10. Currently what book are you working on?
Right now I’m working on the revision of FORGIVE MY FINS, the story of a half-mermaid princess attending high school on the mainland and the adventure that ensues when she accidentally kisses the wrong boy. This will be a Summer 2010 release.

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Stay tuned for the next two parts of the interview! Full details on the contest can be found here. This is opened internationally!

One more thing, look out for my review coming soon! The book was a delightful read, you won’t regret reading it. Enter away!

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  6. I’m not a really good athlete like Phoebe. I can’t wait until your next release Forgive My Fins! Amanda Bynes is a great actor.

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  9. A book inspired by possible reality show names? Genius!!


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  10. I love the part where TLC named actors who she wanted to play her characters. I can’t wait to read this series!

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  11. Enter me please!

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  12. I would love to be entered! And I loved the actors she would choose to play the characters!

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  13. I would love to be entered. I always been fascinated with Greek mythology since I was a child. It is fantastic to hear about the descendants of the gods. I definitely want to read this one.

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  14. Comment #13

    Oooh, lucky 13! I’ve always love Greek mythology and am glad to see more of it in books. This sounds like a great series and I think it would be awsome to assemble that group of actors for a movie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Can’t wait for her next book!

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  16. I find books about Greek mythology so entertaining for some readon. =)

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  17. My daughter will love these books – – and then I can read them after her 🙂
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  18. Chad Michael Murray? Yes, please!
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