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Interview with Melissa Walker part 1

Hi everyone, today we are interviewing the awesome Melissa Walker. Melissa writes the Violet series and has a book coming out this May, Lovestruck Summer. She also co owns I Heart Daily! So between writing and blogging, Melissa managed to find time to do this interview.

1. How did you get the idea of writing books about modeling?
As soon as I started peeking behind the scenes of modeling and fashion as a magazine editor, I knew that I wanted to put a “real girl” in the middle of this crazy world.

2. How long did it take for you to write Violet On The Runway?
About 6 months–I head a deadline!

3. Was it a difficult process getting your book published?
It wasn’t, but only because I had 7 years of magazine writing experience, so I guess if I add in those years of writing, it took me 8 years to get a book published!

4. Did you put any of your real life experiences in your books?
Well… yes! I’ve never walked a runway, but I’ve met enough “fashion people” that some of them did get a bit of airtime in the book. I’ll never name names though!

5. How can you relate to your main character, Violet?
She and I have a lot of the same likes and dislikes, and I play the Song Game she plays (where whatever song comes on the radio is what the guy she likes thinks about her) ALL THE TIME. Still. I also relate to her reactions to the hilarious/gorgeous/intimidating world of fashion.

6. What message do you want your Violet series to portray to readers?
Hmm… no message, really. I just wanted to show a real girl in this insane world. Sometimes the glamour is overplayed in fashion books, and I wanted to show both the sparkly and the dark sides.

7. What did you research while writing your Violet books?
I knew a lot from my time in magazines, so I just used those experiences as my research. And I tried to go to fashion week shows when I could, for inspiration.

8. Which do you do when you have a writer’s block?
I watch Oprah. She’s a cure-all.

9. If the Violet books were to become a movie, who’d you like to play the main characters?
I have no clue! I’d probably want an unknown model to play Violet. Someone who can act, hopefully, but also who has that fresh face.

10. What do you think of teenage girls buying designer brands these days?
I think saving for one or two things you really LOVE and will wear/use for decades is a beautiful thing. But buying a closet full of labels? Boring.

Thanks for sharing with us Melissa!

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