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A surprise for Stephanie

If you are Stephanie Hale, stop reading here! DON’T READ THIS POST. SCROLL DOWN AND READ ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT THIS!!

Not Stephanie? Read on!

Next Monday 23rd March is Stephanie Hale’s birthday. Any ideas how we can surprise her? Come on, I’m sure you guys have great ideas! 🙂

I was thinking of getting everyone to give Stephanie birthday wishes and I’ll make it into a big ‘card’ for Steph! What do you think? Please share your ideas. You can send your suggestions to kate.readthisbook (at) gmail (dot) com or comment here. Those emailling, put the subject as STEPHANIE HALE’S BIRTHDAY IDEAS.

Those who give suggestions get an extra entry and again, a higher chance of winning Spring Breakup. Please spread the word, email your friends, fans of Steph and especially fellow book reviewers!


Comments on: "A surprise for Stephanie" (2)

  1. I think your idea is a good one! I was thinking that maybe everyone can send messages of how great they think her books are 🙂 Or maybe people can scan drawings of how they picture Aspen when they read her books. I remember from Melissa Walker’s cover story that Stephanie always pictured Aspen as a blonde, but then she saw the cover with a BRUNETTE girl, and it totally surprised her! So maybe she can get to see a variety of how people picture Aspen.

    …then again, that sounds like quite a bit of work, haha.

    • readthisbook said:

      I think that’s a bit tedious; scanning drawings etc.

      Thanks for the suggestions Michelle. Your the only one who has given a suggestion so far. x)


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