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Celebrating the opening with a big contest!

Hi bookworms, I am very pleased to see that there are three authors each giving away copies of their book SIGNED! Now drumroll please, the authors are…

    Melissa Walker, author of Violet On The Runway

    Tera Lynn Childs, author of OH. MY. GODS.

    Stephanie Hale, author of Spring Breakup

What you have to do: Comment on Melissa Walker’s interviews if you want to win her book. Comment on Tera Child’s interviews if you want to win her book. Comment on Stephanie’s interviews if you want to win her book. Comment on all three author’s interviews if you want to win any one of the three book. Understood? XD

To get ‘extra’ entries:
Blog about this contest on your site [must state what the prizes are, where and how to enter] (+1)
Link to this contest on your sidebar (+2)
Those who commented on my previous posts, you have 3 extra entries! Horray.
I will be updating this post with more ways on how you can get extra entries.

I’m doing a 3 part interview and they consist of
Part 1: their books
Part 2: their high school experience
Part 3: get to know the author

Contest ends Friday 27 Mar 11:59 PM CST. (Date might be changed)

How I draw the winners:
I use the random no. generator to get a number from each of the 9 interviews (3 already up). Then I’ll have 3 numbers for each author. I’ll put the 3 numbers in a bag and draw out one number. That would be the winner. So it’s a kinda long and complicating process but I hope you understand. Or I might just put everything in a bag. xD

I have sent out the interviews already so just wait patiently for them to fill it in. =) Everyone’s comments will have to be numbered. Further details on HOW to comment will be posted in the interview post. Feel free to ask me any questions on this post.

If you want Violet On The Runway or Spring Breakup, you have to be a US resident. Oh. My. Gods. and Violet On The Runway is open internationally. =D