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Congrats to the following winners who have already been notified:

Katie (katiesbookshelf11.blogspot.com)

Please send me our address winners. Thanks for participating everyone. =) If you didn’t win, it’s ok. I’m having another contest on Monday. Scroll down and read what to expect!

Once again, thank you Saundra for sponsoring the bookmarks!

Awesome authors you might like: Melissa Walker, Stephanie Hale, Tera Lynn Childs


Comments on: "Winners to bookmarks contest" (3)

  1. Congratulations to the other winners. =D

  2. Pretty sweet – congrats all!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Also, I was just replying to a comment that you left on my blog asking about how I got an ARC of Waiting For You. I actually got it from Susane herself. I was emailing her about possibly doing an interview or something and she said that she would add me to the mailing list for the book. I don’t know if you could still get one but that’s how I got my copy.

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