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From now till next Sunday 15 March, you can comment as much as you like on my blog posts (both old and new) and have a very high chance of winning a signed copy of Violet On The Runway or Oh. My. Gods. or Spring Breakup. That’s right, only regular commentors will be rewarded. The grand opening 3 books contest officially begins on Monday so all comments on previous posts would not be counted.

To make this more fair, I want those of you who are going to be commenting to spread the word. You must comment on at least three blog entries before it is counted. You must email six other people and include my email address in it (kate.readthisbook (AT) gmail (DOT) com). So that makes seven people in total.

Then, you must blog about this. Let me know when your post is up.

Does this whole thing sound complicating? I shall explain to you in a ‘story’ way.

Blair came across my site and noticed this blog post. Blair wants to win a signed copy of Violet On The Runway/Oh. My. Gods./Spring Breakup. She starts to comment on every blog entry on the first page of Read This Book! Then she logged into her email account and told six people about this contest. She also included Kate’s email. After that, she blogged about the contest as well. Then she commented on this blog entry telling Kate what she did. Just like that, Blair has a very high chance of winning one of the three signed books!

Remember, comments after Sunday 15 March 11:59 PM will NOT be counted.

Closed. Look out for the next post on how to win the books! =) Remember, this is to get higher chances of winning. I’m not giving away the books yet.

Awesome authors you might like: Melissa Walker, Stephanie Hale, Tera Lynn Childs


Comments on: "Comment and you shall be rewarded" (12)

  1. OMG I want to read all of those books really badly!
    Anyways, I commented on three of your blogposts, the one on Privilege, ABC’s of Kissing Boys, and My Fair Godmother. I also emailed you and six other people about this contest! And I blogged about your contest here:

    Okay hope I did everything! I’m so excited for this contest!

  2. I won Spring Breakup from another contest already, but the other two look amazing. =]

  3. Yippie – Giveaways are always so exciting =)

  4. I’ll definitely have to come back later and do all those steps =)

  5. I’m going to go spread the word now…

  6. I just realized something. Although you say March 15, right now, it’s March 14 for me. Does it still count?

  7. Ahoy there, I have commented, e-mailed, and blogged this contest!

  8. Really late I know but I was distracted when I was trying to enter earlier this week and I didn’t finish but I put a post on my blog and emailed 6 people. :]

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