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My Fair Godmother After her boyfriend dumps her for her older sister, Savannah Delano wishes she could find a true prince to take her to the prom. Enter Chrissy (Chrysanthemum) Everstar: Savannah’s gum-chewing, cell phone–carrying, high heel-wearing Fair Godmother. Showing why she’s only Fair—because she’s not a very good fairy student—Chrissy mistakenly sends Savannah back in time to the Middle Ages, first as Cinderella, then as Snow White. Finally she sends Tristan, a boy in Savannah’s class, back instead to turn him into her prom-worthy prince. When Savannah returns to the Middle Ages to save Tristan, they must team up to defeat a troll, a dragon, and the mysterious and undeniably sexy Black Knight. Laughs abound in this clever fairy tale twist from a master of romantic comedy.

My Fair Godmother is currently my favourite book. =) It is filled with laughter, magic and fairy tales. Janette created Cinderella and Snow White different from the fairytales. Her writing is wonderful, I can picture everything in my head clearly. Such vivid writing. Honestly, I have nothing but praises for the book. My favourite scenes would be those with Tristan in it. *MINOR SPOILER*

I laughed really loud when Savannah said a lie and a reptile came out from her mouth. *SPOILER ENDS*

Sometimes I feel frustrated with Chrissy. Why couldn’t she just help Savannah and her friends? I found myself wishing she could be more responsible and not point out Savannah’s wrongdoings all the time. I guess this is why she’s called a Fair Godmother. Overall it is one of the best books I have ever read. I am very eager to read Just One Wish also by Janette Rallison. I hope it will be as good as this!

Great story + awesome characters + stunning cover = SUPERB BOOK!

Awesome authors you might like: Melissa Walker, Stephanie Hale, Tera Lynn Childs

Gold star!


Comments on: "My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison" (5)

  1. I keep seeing this book on blogs and I just want to go buy it. It looks really good but I can’t seem to find it when I go to the bookstore. Oh well, I guess I will just have to order it. Thanks for another great review.

  2. Honestly when I first saw the cover of this book I just thought, “Eh, looks too girly” and never gave it a second look. But after I just read your review now, it seems really interesting! Especially since you say it’s such a good, funny read. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Hmm..sounds interesting. The cover is cute!

  4. Great review. I’ve wanted to read this book, but wasn’t really sure if it would be good.

  5. I really liked Just one wish so am interested in My fair Godmother. It’s good to know that you liked it a lot. It sounds fun and the idea fresh.

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