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Sleepless sequel

I was very sad when I read Terri’s blog. 😦 So read on and learn why.

As you know, my editor was recently let go…boohoo. And unfortunately, my lovely new editor just told me that a sequel for Sleepless doesn’t look to be in the cards right now. I’m bummed, but trying to remain positive. I know Trinity has more stories to tell and I believe you guys want to hear them.

That being said, I think they might change their minds if sales of Sleepless continue to be good, so won’t you please help me spread the word? Tell everyone you know (friends, fam, teachers, librarians, etc.) about Sleepless and why they should buy it. 🙂

I’m a strong believer in the power of postive thinking. So, help me put that energy out into the world. I know some of you like the P.J. cover and others think it’s not edgy enough. If you were to design the sequel’s cover, what would it look like? Send your ideas to Terri!

And here’s a bit about the proposed sequel:

  • It’s called Awakened.
  • Trinity, Coral and Dan all head off to the University of Miami.
  • A stalker terrorizes a sorority on campus and Trinity is trying to get to the bottom of it with her dream powers.
  • A new guy who has more in common with Trinity than she ever imagined might complicate things between her and Dan.
  • Taken from Terri’s MySpace blog. All copyrighted to Terri Clark. xD

    What can you do to make the sequel possible? BUY SLEEPLESS! It’s as easy as that. Boost her sales. Recommend to friends, classmates, family, librarians etc. Make it a goal to tell three other people about the book and the three other people each tell another three other people.

    Visit this wonderful author’s blog: Melissa Walker


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    1. NO WAY! They can’t do this! I lovedlovedloved Sleepless!


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